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5 Reasons Why Children Are Magical

Children, to me, are one of the most magical things in this world. I'd say that as a mother of one, with another on the way, my view might be biased. But I've long loved being in the company of children, and not only my own. Anytime I'm feeling exasperated, overwhelmed, upset, anger, confused... children have this knack of getting me to laugh. I'm not even sure they try, either. Yet the real question is why are children so magical? After a lot of thought, I've come up with... continue reading

Why I'm Obsessed With Abandoned Places

From an early age I had this strange obsession with buildings, and items that had been abandoned by humankind. The more old and overgrown by nature these items were, the more fascinating they became for me. It wasn't until recently that I began to piece the reasoning behind this together. Online searches told me I was not the only one with this 'gothic' obsession, either. It all boils down to four very simple facts. 1. These abandoned things and places represent a very real image of what... continue reading

700 Reasons for backing up your computer.

It happened again.For the second time over the course of many, many years, I've suffered a hard-drive failure. The poor 500GB drive on my desktop unit, after enduring years of endless spinning and whirring,and for reasons unknown to me, passed on. And with much sadness and horror, having done so, took with it a ton of data to a now invisible and inaccessible land of 010111011000's.The real headache however, is that this drive was my 'photo' drive, and upon it were written tons of photos. Countless... continue reading

"Your text HERE" - a good idea?

Check out this thread!In the above thread there is a discussion on how to remove the text from the concerned image. Now what I was wondering about is, why do people put that thing there anyway? That was quite a nice customer (or a desperate customer) who bought that file. Even if you do have the best greeting card background in the whole website and the customer has no idea how to remove your "Your text here" guide, why would the file be bought? They'd go look for something else.I have read... continue reading

Another Top Ten Reasons to Date a Photographer

A while a go I created a real funny blog about the Top ten reasons to date a photographer:Today a friend photographer published another 10 reasons in FB and here they are:1.- They'll show you the light.2.- You'll always have a great camera at hand.3.- You can talk to him/her about other stuff different from football.4.- You'll get to see many cultural expresions.5.- The (book) shelves will be full of interesting books that will give your house an interesting mood.6.- You will go... continue reading

Complete Collection of Refusing Reasons Vol. 2

How many kinds of reasons have you received about refused files? Did you really understant these reasons and do a well job to avoid receiving again? Undoubtedly, reading these reasons carefully is very helpful for you to avoid refusing and improve your acceptance ratio. Here is the complete list of refusing reasons which I collected before when my pics are refused. And some reasons are added for this time. So I call it vol. 2:) Maybe, some of them are too old to use, but I still hope this can be helpful... continue reading

Eight reasons why I have chosen an exclusive on Dreamstime

Though I have started to sell the photos more recently and at me while only one sale, I have found eight well-founded reasons for an exclusive on an extreme measure: (I Am sorry for my English)1 Saving of timeThis point is obvious. Who supplies only one agency, instead of – how I – more than 15, thereby saves a lot of time. Though by an optimisation of the workflow and use of IPTC and FTP a lot of time lets save, but it is quicker and quicker and easier to send his photos only to an... continue reading

Top ten reasons to date a photographer

Top ten reasons to date a photographer:1) They work well in the dark2) They’re used to funny smells3) They make things develop4) They work well on many settings5) They know how to focus6) They can make big things look small and small things look big7) They work well from many different angles8 ) They zoom in and out. And in and out and in and out and in and out...9) They shoot in many different locations10) They can find the beauty in anythingI found this and I think is... continue reading

Thoughts on exclusivity

I hear groans and complaints "Yet another one of those."It seems like every month there is a new post in the discussion board or on the blogs about the pros and cons of going exclusive.Never one to keep my big mouth zipped up, I thought I would share a few morsels of my own grey matter on the subject.I joined DT about 4 years ago as a complete novice, both in terms of photography and especially in terms of the microstock industry.And at the first opportunity I went exclusive.Once I had... continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Go Exclusive with DT

1) My photos get reviewed much faster.I uploaded this panorama photo less than 24 hours ago.2) My earnings instantly grew upon being accepted3) I get more $ per download4) I see my photos higher in search results... This photo of the Buddha is on page 1 for keyword "buddha." It has 1 download and has been online for less than 72 hours.5) I can spend more time taking photos instead of managing my photos with multiple stock agencies.Thanks DT.EDIT: It has been brought to... continue reading

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