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Promoting Others, Not Just Yourself

I was raised to love my neighbor as myself. I think of my fellow photographers on Dreamstime here as my neighbors. One of the ways I try to show love to my neighbors here on Dreamstime is to help promote their pictures. I have a Twitter account that is set up just for my business. Twitter can be fun because it's kind of neat to see what is trending on any given day. Then I do a search on my portfolio to see if I have a picture that might go with what is trending. If I do, then I will post that... continue reading

3 tips for good tweeting

On one of my previous articles, I explained to you how my first sale came from tweeting Formula E driver Bruno Senna editorial image. What I didn't explain to you at that time was why that tweet was effective and what I missed on that tweet which may have done it even MORE effective.To make it easier for you (and most important, for me), let's work with an example. This is Formula E driver Felix Da Costa from Amlin Aguri team, racing in the Buenos Aires eprix last January. What I did when... continue reading

Promote your pictures on tsu

Promote your pictures on tsu. Tsu is a new social networkwhich pays you for your posts.Not too different in looks and functionality than many other social networks.However the network will share 90% of its revenue with its users.Sign up go to your portfolio click on any of your pictures then copy the referral link in to the create window on your tsu site . Your picture will show and anybody who clicks on it ends up on your dreamstime site.   continue reading

Referral Challenge Update

I created a contest that I hope will bring in new referrals. The contest is posted on my personal Facebook page Da Vinci Photos.So far this contest has brought in five referrals. Two have uploaded files. The first one to upload was Hydee and the second was JennybelleHydee's photo is the Egg of Creation.and Jennybelle posted a photo of Crab Soup.Here is a photo of Hydee in front of the Egg of Creation.Congratulations to both... continue reading

Your friends' mobiles carry your next referral sale!

I'm looking at our Mobile photos category where we've added all images shot with a smartphone - feel free to browse it yourselves:Mobile phone shotsIt looks like these photos are getting better and better. Processed, pixelred, eyeemed, instagrammed or straight from the phone's camera, many of them are simply amazing. There is a certain type of photo that you don't get to see from your own DSLR. The mobile phone allows you to get closer to the model while being less intrusive and it's definitely... continue reading

referal and badge help!

help again!why do some of these simple things seem like a dark scary tunnel to me? help! please and thankyou! continue reading

Pillars of microstock success

I am not the most successful contributor here on DT. My "excuse" is lack of time. And it is not first time that I pretend to write smart tutorials. I believe that Yuri Arcurs wouldn't learn anything from me. But there are plenty of people here that have less then 94 images online (which I have so far), that have less then 90 sells (which I have), and that maybe don't have any clue how to proceed. Some of this writing may, I believe, help someone to get its own direction in microstocking. Anyhow, here... continue reading

The Joy Of Referral Links!

Since last August DreamsTime had launched a massive referral program on placing DT banners on your own web page (Site, Blog etc), placing it on the welcome page & offering $5 bonus for each submission! It's a great encouragement for the members to be active on the web & to promote them selves & of course DT!Till now I haven't bring any news I know!But the joy is after, as clicking these links became one of my navigation habits to kill my curiosity as a designer...I found a lot of interesting... continue reading

referral programe

I am trying to activate my referral programe, but ending with errors. I try for so many time by copy and paste, but still unsuccessful. Of cos I’ll be proud if I can make it especially attached in my blogspot website, flickr, facebook, myspace, tagged, etc.My problemsis that, I still did not know where to paste in that particular website.Any ideas, pls guide me.14370066 continue reading

creating a website

Hi Everyone!After a good few months ummmming and arrrghing about whether to make a website or not I finally did!!I made it using iweb and i have to say it is a really easy program to work with especially if you don't know anything about web design like myself! I have only put the site together to use for referral links and also to keep my family and friends updated and show them what i am up to! So it is simple but i have really enjoyed making it!So if there are any of you out there thinking... continue reading

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