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Learn from the refusals

Darn, my photo got refused. Never mind, I will make another one and submit it when I catch some time.STOP.That is not a good thing to do. Have you at least checked the email you received based on refusal or you've just deleted it after reading the subject line?Well, let’s start this way. I am an editor on Dreamstime, one of largest stock photo sites in the world. You know what I love to do with photos and illustrations users submit? I love to APPROVE them. Yes I do, really. I am just an... continue reading

Becoming exclusive

Well, the e-mail arrived yesterday, confirming I am now a photographer, workingexclusively with Dreamstime but how did I get to ths stage? I had 85 photos in my portfolio and was pleased with the submissions process. I'd had a few photos refused but, although disappointing, the advice on how to rectify the problems was extremely useful, which also impressed me.It has made me think more about composition of photographs, to take that bit of extra care when taking the picture and definitely made... continue reading

Why assignment refusals should be welcomed

Assignments are a nice way to put your imagination to work and force yourself to think out of the box. But to have images approved for an assignment you need to raise the bar for yourself as well. I realized that the hard way as I had three rejections before having an illustration approved. Assignments sound tempting with the automatic Level 5 “gift” so it’s natural to rush with uploading the first images we think fit the theme. But the refusals that often follow shortly after should be rather... continue reading

Six More Up, Six Down!

I opened my iPad this morning to find that I had six more photos approved! Looking further, I realized that six were also refused.The refusals don't bother me, because I really appreciated the feedback. I didn't really expect to get as much helpful advice from the refused files!So, all in all, I'm thrilled!This is one of the approved photos:  It was not cropped the way I'd like, but I can't get my iPad to behave and set it right! continue reading

The ultimate in refusals, a Free image rejection...

I am a bit confused. I researched how to upload a couple of images to the Free section. I followed the instructions to upload by activating the option, that if an image is not approved for my portfolio, it could go to the Free section.  This is a similar image, because the system does not permit me to upload rejected images...These are the images IDs of the rejected images ...#18736558 and #18736567in my Rejection section (so I cannot publish the images) First and foremost,... continue reading

Olympic Dreams

When I was growing up I desperately wanted to be in the Olympics.In high school I was a state wrestling champion, but when I got into college, I realized the difference between high school level sports and the upper eschelon.So, now my Olympic Dreams rest on the hopes that competitive eating will make the cut in England.WOW!I'd love to go into training for that!I have been reading a lot of the blogs about submitting images and the issue of rejections.Perhaps I've just been lucky (and... continue reading

Avoiding Refusals – Part II Rejections that could be fixed:

I have started a series that I hope will help newcomers, and perhaps even give a little different perspective to seasoned vets in avoiding refusals. Due to the volume of submissions, I am sure that you have sat and waited for many days for your images to be reviewed, only to have them bounce back to you because of the following reasons:1.“The image contains a large amount of noise artifacts. Please fix this issue using noise-removal software and resubmit.”2.“White balance parameter was... continue reading

Avoiding refusals - My musings of the common ones

I am new to DT, and the stock world in general, but am sure that in my trial and error to have images selected and posted I have received just about every reason for refusal that there is. I understand and am not bitter about images that don't get selected. I know that all of the members on this site have felt that feeling when you get the notice that an image has been refused, so I decided to pick apart each reason I have received in an effort to help myself get less turndowns and more images posted.... continue reading

Some new Designs

So lately I have been having quite a few of my photo works refused..which when I actually look back over the photos, I can see why.. poor lighting.. out of focus etc..So I thought I would try my hand at designs.. and what do you know.. they are all getting approved!!It's all a great learning curve for me!! continue reading

Reasons for refusals

Many of our community members have found it difficult to accurately comprehend the reasons for refusal when they received the rejection notification and wondered what to do in order to comply with the Dreamstime criteria.Given our wish to prevent further disappointment and frustration for our photographers and illustrators due to refusals, here is a brief, but hopefully useful set of specific and often encountered reasons backed by images. These are mostly technical reasons. Along with them, don&#... continue reading

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