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Learning with every image accepted and rejected

I like how they let you know when an image is rejected what problems they had with the photo. I am learning so much. I have read other blogs and I am totally looking and everything differently. Things I never considered taking pictures of are now getting my undivided attention. Please comment with your best lesson you had learned from this site.   continue reading

300 Milestone

Just achieved the 300 milestone today more satisfying is my acceptance percentage which now stands at 78% from a low of 57% at the beginning of me uploading images to Dreamstime. I have found the comments on rejected images very helpful in helping me improve. Thanks to the Dreamstime team for that :)Now an image of the coast near sunset from my latest uploads.  continue reading

Important Tips for Newbies to minimize Rejections!

Hi there.I had to learn the hard way with under 50% approval...So i would like to help YOU to get started BETTER!Problem: Dreamstime don't accepts single Web Graphic ButtonsSolution: Group your buttons and banners to 2 or more in one pictureProblem: Car's and Car Parts are under copyright!Solution: Don't waste your time taking photos of car parts. (The ones visible from outside.)Problem: Tight Crops!Solution: Don't crop your pictures, the more is visible the better!Problem:... continue reading

How Rejected Images Helped Me

I remember my first image that got approved on Dreamstime . It was 3 years ago. I was so happy! "Finally!"   Oh yes, because I had numerous images decline at first. I began to be worried if I will ever be able to have at least one picture approved.But I was never got discouraged about it. I learned a lot from those refuse images and now I know what to do or to avoid to get the best stock image possible.I still have a lot to learn but I think I'm going in the right direction.... continue reading

rejected image, creative solutions

enough flowers in the database,so a creative solution for my waterlillyhi folks, within a few months I am two years on dreamstimeI think my portfolio is getting better, more diverse,containerships are my best selling items,meanwhile I upgraded again, started with nikon D40 and plastic lenses,over a nikon D80 with a prime 50 mm 1,4 and mylast step is canon eos1 with 24-70 70-200 L lenses and broncolor studiolights,and the buyers slowly will come, one by one, I hope sothe water... continue reading

Newbie vs DT. 0-2

Well, I just got a hard lesson from DT. I uploaded 10 photos within about two weeks and the first two who were moderated were rejected. Honestly, I had high expectations because I spent a lot of time making and edit these pictures.0-1. "This image is over-processed/ overfiltered." - I opened the redacted photo again and watching from other point of view, is true, the photo is "too proccessed".0-2. "Wrong composition and poor light" - And once again I am convinced that it is so. I did't follow... continue reading

To click or not to clik, that is the question

Ok, so i've been ill the last couple of days and unable to sleep with nasty coughing...basically too much down time on my hand.Posting just for fun (Blatant ripoff). To Enjoy or Not...TO CLICK, OR NOT TO CLIK, THAT IS THE QUESTION:WHETHER 'TIS NOBLER IN THE MIND TO SUFFERTHE SLINGS AND ARROWS OF OUTRAGEOUS REJECTION,OR TO TAKE ARMS AGAINST A SEA OF BAD PHOTOS,AND BY OPPOSING END THEM: TO SUBMIT, TO PASSNO MORE; AND BY A PASS, TO SAY WE ENDTHE HEART-ACHE, AND THE THOUSAND UNNATURAL... continue reading

500th Image accepted

Well after a little over 3yrs, I've had my 500th image acceptedWorking with the ups and downs of photos being accepted or rejected can be quiet a trial and needs more then a little patience at times, as I do get it wrong occasionally.View the rejections and learn to what is expected or required and things will improve.Many thanks for reviewing. continue reading

Self-advocacy and rejected images

Self-advocacy refers to an individual’s ability to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate or assert his or her own interests, desires, needs, and rights.It involves making informed decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions. (VanReusen et al., 1994)Over the past two years with DT, I've taken almost all of my rejections laying down, not complaining. However, recently I decided to stand up for my belief in the usefulness of my own images.I shoot mostly editorial type images.... continue reading

Some ideas of what to do with your rejected images...

... appart of sending them to other sites (for non exclusives) or removing them from the folder "Send to Dreamstime" (or whatever system you use. In my case I have folders, "Send to X").Some ideas of things I have done:1. Use them to create a whole new concept: I used a bunch of my refused files to make the "media room" concept (which has sold pretty well!). Not always from these are rejected ones, I used some from the approved ones that fit the conceptOr the four... continue reading

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