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Three ways to find real people that will model for you

Do you want to shoot stock shots of people?Can you afford to pay a model?Me neither!So I decided to try to think of ways to get people to model for free without relying too much on friends and familyHere are some ideas I had.1) Set up a joint make over party with an Avon or Mary Kay rep.Let her do facials and offer to take after pictures.The partiers can have free digital images in exchange for a model release .2) Offer to set up in a small area of a local salon the day before... continue reading

Image misuse can be a very expensive mistake

While browsing the Internet, I came across an article from February 2011 about a company that made a costly mistake when they used an image without permission on their website, and that image was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. This mistake ended up costing the company $4000. According to their story (which you can read here), most of their images come from stock photography sites, but this one slipped through the cracks.The company is now trying to educate others about image copyright... continue reading

about cats and photos

She doesn’t need a “model release”, she will choose her best position herself. She is natural, She does not see you, her eyes looks into the distance. Maybe she is looking for something, maybe she is missing for somebody. We will never know it. Because people only think that a cats live in our world… But who knows actually…may be we lives in the cats’ world. continue reading

Property release

Hi peopleDo I need a property release signed by the owner of a car so that i can sell the pictures here?I tought so but when i downloaded the form on dreamstime i got confused because it said:" I ..................... the rightful owner (...) of the property located at........................."doesn´t make sense to me because a car has no "location"Can anyone Help?The photos I took from the car are similar to this one continue reading

RF to Editorial Image

After about a year on Dreamtime (on and off) I think I am finally coming to grips what is an eligable photo.I do have a concern with a few photos I have taken in the past that have buildings in them.It comes down to 'Is it recognisable?' and 'Should it really be an Editorial image?.The photo is of a quality where it is accepted but I just want to move category.Is it possible with out deleting and resubmittinng? Two examples are:rnrnThanks if you have any help or advice. continue reading

Really look at the details

When it comes down to trademarks it is really important to look at the details. I found out just how much detail recently on a submission where a patent number, barely visible but still there, held things up.I never noticed it until I really got zoomed in on the image and there it was. little things like this will make or break a stock image. Two solutions are available for this problem.If it's a generic enough item in the photo then remove any identifying symbols, logo's, numbers, letters,... continue reading

New release templates

We are launching new and improved versions of our branded model and property release forms. The updating process is necessary, because the now outdated documents did make clear all the information we legally require from the signing parties on the present day.It has been several years since the last update and we felt we must address the increased legal needs and that we could present the information more comprehensively and logically, plus throw in a few bonus features.Please let me walk you... continue reading

Editorial uploads

You have some fun photos but no model release, no problem!Upload them by Editorial!My recent Editorial photos as follows:People playing in amusement parkArts PerformanceLifestyle continue reading

First model released image approved!

Hello, Everyone,This is the first article on my blog and I'm very glad to say I've just got my first model released image approved here on Dreamstime!Can't wait to see how popular and profitable it will be.I've always liked shooting people at family events or portraits of some guys and girls. Never before had a release signed by the models though. Probably wasn't sure I was good enough to create technically sound images for stock. Well, now I know to make sure I have some blank releases... continue reading

Big Dreams

I decided to start a little blog on here.I am an Illustrator/Artist and play around alittle with photography. I work from home doing my Art so that I can take care of my little girl who is 5.My goal is to have enough illustrations online to sell to make a comfortable living.Not an easy task to accomplish as it takes alot of work obviously and alot of time. Not only do I need to draw each day, scan the illustations in and tweak on photoshop but they also have to be accepted which as we all know... continue reading

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