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Editor's Choice

Thank you for the opportunity to announce that my work Young Women On Meadow Sunset recognized as the editor's choice. It is good to know that the hard work and time I'm putting on my illustrations is appreciated. I'm honored, flattered and humbled.   I also like to share my previous work that earned Editor's Choice which I didn't bloged about. Castle In The Night is also result of a hard work - its actually fourth version of the same matte painting study after lots of trial and error... continue reading

Daily Render Projects

This concept of finishing a project daily and rendering it out without over thinking or over judging yourself is by far the best idea I've seen since first day I started interesting in digital art.      "One render a day keeps the artist block away" will not be a bold statement since its ease your way out to focus on creating something new everyday without getting bored or overwhelmed too much. It gives you freedom to move on, saves you from the fear of being criticized, gets you... continue reading

My render of Planet Earth SOLD 300 TIMES!

Here is my bestseller of my portfolio :)     It's old file but sold a lot each month... now reach 300 sales and that makes that file one of best sellers in dreamstime of planer earth.I have others very good renders but they are new and not sold a lot like this i don't know what is reason that to be a best :) but im so happy!>My collection of good renders***Other websites with my render who purchase my file: continue reading

New realistic render engine for blender3d

I'v been working with blender3d intense for about 3 years.It is pretty nice software for modeling and animation.For realistic rendering there are some external plugins like yafaray,luxrender,etc.My favorite external render is yafaray.It gives me the speed in my renderings and realism.With new blender3d 2.60 version it came also the new realistic rendering engine called cycles.It renders in realtime,so you can rotate ,zoom and out and see the final render very quickly.To get very quick results in realtime... continue reading

learning 3D render

Now I am learning to make photoes by 3D rendering.For me, this process is very hard. After every rendering,there was always a variety of problems, such as zigzag, shadow and so on. Thanks to my good friend's patience, many problemswere solved finally.Follows are my rendering photos, please watch and give my some new guidance. Thank you very much! continue reading

3D Renders - When is it big enough?

As 3D artists, the size of the render we submit is totally up to us.All we have to do is to be willing to "put up" with tying our computers up while the image renders.This can take anywhere from mere minutes (the Marlin only took 15 mins) to hours (like this room!)It seems like the more complicated the image is, the longer it takes to render.I have renders in my own portfolio that have taken as long as 48 hours to render.Others that took 12 - 18 hours.I've never minded until now because... continue reading

Active teens

I just had these two 3d renders of an active teen approved.I think it is very important to encourage the teens to be fysically active in their spare time - hopefully somebody can use these to illustrate that continue reading

It makes a big difference.

There are quite a few different software packages out there that can "render" or digitally paint a picture.Some are quite expensive, others not so expensive.I have three different ones, Bryce 6.1, DAZ Studio 1.8 and Carrara 3D Express.Most of my early illustrations were created in Bryce.This is a program that can create some very nice landscapes.I've found some good tutorials that I've shared here that use Bryce.DAZ Studio is a program that is available for free and works quite... continue reading

Bryce Tutorial

How to create soft portrait renders in bryce:NosferatuEnjoy! continue reading

Layering a Render

I'll admit it, trying to render this scene in one take was going to take more time than I was willing to put up with.And I'd heard about layering a render.After asking around, I discovered this tutorial, Making The MassiveIt worked just great! continue reading

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