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What Size Image Should I Download for My Project?

Your project is almost ready, your sweat and toil has paid off and you've narrowed down on your stock photos. Now the most important question on your mind is "What Size Image Should I Download for My Project?".You do not want the results to look blurry when it prints, or unnecessarily slow down your web pages while spending credits when you needn't!To print or not to print: Does your project involve printing out on paper? Is it a presentation to a group of people... continue reading

Sourcing, Scaling, and Sizing Stock on Slides

When you license stock photo images from Dreamstime, you are offered a choice of image sizes and resolutions at different price points. There are two separate measurements associated with the image.The first measurement is the image size in pixels. You should see two numbers… height and width. A 640x800 image is made up of 640 pixels in the vertical direction and 800 pixels in the horizontal direction. Notice that this does NOT correspond to any specific size in inches. A 640x800 picture would fill... continue reading

a New Year and a new set of goals

In late 2015 I started working for a cultural Webzine as an event photographer, this took me to some very nice venues. From movie premiere red carpets to music festival and Cons. The deadline to provide images is so tight that I have for the last year been rarely uploading to DT. All my latest upload were test done on iPhone as it is almost instantaneous. My goal for 2017 is to get back into uploading at least 5 photos per week and that way I can with you what I have witnessed and was part of.... continue reading

Ten a day

I am pleased to say I have reached a milestone of 2,611 images on dreamstime, and as many of us know, it is not easy! We may have the best of intentions, be the best photographer, work hard, chain ourselves to the computer,but so many of us also have family and other jobs and duties to attend to.So besides taking the photos in the first place, we then have to download, sort, run through lightroom, play in photo shop, edit some more, touch up, upload, check at 100% for focus, then keyword! PHEW!... continue reading

What Have You accomplish in 2014?

Now that 2014 is behind us, let's take one more look back and see what we accomplish to make 2015 even better. - I took around 6500 pictures with my camera and I'm planning on using it even more.- I added 74 picture to my gallery in Dreamstime. I would like to double even triple this number in the next year.- I launched my personal photography website "pərˈspektiv" in November (Text is in French)What have you accomplish in 2014? And what are your goals for 2015?Happy New Year!... continue reading

For Nikon D800 users

Hello everybody, I just wanted to share an experience I had with DT that took me a while to figure out.I have been uploading RAW files taken with a Nikon D300 as additional format with every submission with no problems. It was after I started using a Nikon D800 with the "uncompressed RAW" setting when I could not upload files on this format anymore.After sending several inquiries to Costumer support and not getting a valid response or solution, it occur to me that maybe there's a "limit on... continue reading

And the 2014 Word of the Year is .....

I'm a list maker.It's what I do.It's how I keep myself organized.I'm such an extreme list maker that my husband jokes that I need to keep lists of all the lists that I keep!Sometimes I write things on a list, just so I can cross them back off.It's a sickness - I can't help it.So you can imagine what a New Year means for me.Yup, New Year - New Lists!For years I have started the New Year by listing.....all the things that I... continue reading

Blank Page

Today is the first day of the rest of…..What does a New Year mean to you?Is it a time of Reflectionor Projection?Is it all about changing bad behaviors from previous years?Or is it a time for overcoming the obstacles in life that prevent you from achieving your goals?I prefer to think of every New Year as a new opportunity.A fresh canvas for my life’s muralA blank page in my life’s story... continue reading

resolution a big deal

I have been very fortunate with my relatively small portfolio and I actually just passed the 50 upload mark.I am very curious to know and hear opinions about the resolution of images in general.The majority of my photos are 6.1 megapixels.Does this lower resolution affect buyers decisions?I see images in a wide range but rarely see them below 8 megapixels.I am going to keep uploading.I understand that the quality of images that I produce is very important.I will keep improving,... continue reading

New year and open possibilites

This year is going to be a big leap for me. I've been a contributor of DT for a couple of years but I haven't really done much. This year I will be adjusting my submissions to be RF stock oriented and being more involved in the community.I'm looking forward to seeing more of my photography accepted and talking with you all here at DT. Happy new year to all of you and best of luck for us all.May the sales commence! continue reading

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