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Photography Resources

I am fairly new to photography, well officially, and since joining DT a year and a half ago have improved tremendously!My photography is a hobby, which I would love to make a career of someday, that I truely enjoy learning about and improving on.DT has assisted me in all of this along my journey.My guess is that I am not the only one who has limited time available and any good photography resources would be helpful to.I have found a few of these resources that I just thought I would share:... continue reading

Look down to move up

A pal runs a yacht hire company that has done nothing but thrive.He has a sun tan all year round and lives on a diet of ice cream cones.It feels like he was born in a bed of roses and I wish him well.Everyone knows someone like that even if it is from reading about someone luck struck in the Sunday newspapers.I asked him about resources and he said that wealth is all about what you know.I don't think he meant education in an academic sense but the assets we are surrounded by.He... continue reading

Wishes For A fresh New Year

This short and simple blog to remind us not to take our resources and signs of climate changes for granted.It will never be too late if each and everyone of us start doing our bit for mother earth now.Conserve our fuel supplies.Or employ alternate power source?We can recycle cleaned food wastes and packagings and use them for decorations.Use energy saving items or brainstorm and share your energy saving tips with the world.... continue reading

Photography Resources

Here is a list of my favorite photography resources.Some are free, others have a monthly or annual subscription fee:DPReview: good source for news and infoKelby Training: tons of courses, as little as $25 for a month's access to anythingCreative Live: Semi monthly free courses, can purchase after the factAdobe TV: Webcasts on using Adobe productsAnimoto: Great for creating quick videos (quick video I did)Strobist: classic for learning lightingLuminous Landscape: Good videos and real... continue reading

Develop a good travel planning routine ... some resources and example

I typically travel to the same places these days for work however; occasionally there is a new city to explore. I have an evolving system of getting a feel for a place before arriving through pre-trip research.These days it involves a series of websites saved as favourites and a couple of other routines:* Develop a currency conversion system - normally for a few different scales - 1, 10, 100, and 1000. You can write this on a piece of paper and keep it on you but it does not take muck to... continue reading

Making photos of birds with limited resources and knowledge

There are price winning bird photographers here at DT with real masterpiece pics.One of my favorite is:But how to make photos of birds when you neither have the equipment (an extra big zoom or tele) nor the knowledge?The answer is quite simple: Start with the big birds!My biggest one is:By the way: This pic is the joke part of my blog ... (:-Lets look to real birds:For that ostrich portrait I used my 50mm glas with an additional closeup lens... continue reading

So much Potential, So little resources

Almost all of us have run into this issue, including myself.We have so many ideas, so many visions, and so many images bouncing around in our head, yet we do not have the equipment or resources to achieve the photograph we desire.It's very frustrating, is it not?A thought comes in to your head... well it would be cool if I could do this, or have a photo portraying that.But then reality sets in that maybe you don't have the right lighting equipment, the proper lens, or the amount of models... continue reading

Useful Resources

I thought I would compile a list of things that helped me get more serious about digital photography:For all things about off-camera flash:StrobistThe Original Lighting 101 on StrobistTraining:Kelby TrainingTraining, Techniques and lots of Q&A:Better PhotoLandscape / Applied color theory and video critiques:Radiant VistaEssays on photography:Luminous LandscapeBooks:Lighting and the Dramatic PortraitLight: Science and Magic continue reading

Chinese resources

Chinese resourcesChina abounds in natural resources. It leads the world in many proven mineral deposits; No country in the world boasts more wildlife than China, many of which are native to China, such as giant panda, snub-nosed golden monkey, and Chinese alligator; China's dawn redwood and Cathaya argyrophylla are known as the living fossils of ancient plants.To protect the nation's native animals and plants, especially the endangered species, China has established more than 700 nature reserves.... continue reading

Photography Material

I am just an amateur photographer. I would like to learn more. Where can I get learning resources online. What are some of the books that will help. continue reading

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