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Are they honest

I was just thinking how DT is controling the usage of a picture.If for instance a picture is bought by subscription as royalty free, but the buyer makes 50.000 creeting cards with it, who is checking that? If he sells these cards outside the Netherlands, where I live, I am not going to find out. continue reading

Trend line

Today I reached my sales goal for the first time since I've joined DT, 30$ per day. When you think about it, it's not much, only600$ a month (Average of 20 days of sales a month, for me), but considering the fact this is a passive income from photos uploaded long time ago, this is a very nice income.I started with 5$ a month, and it's amazing to see how things grows.I have come to couple of conclusions regarding how to increase your sales on DT, some I apply for myself, some I have thought... continue reading

Becoming Exclusive

I did it, I am an exclusive photographer with am in thestock photography business for 5 years.During that time, the steadiest rise in sale was thru average 5$ in the first few months, today I average 500% more sales.I don't know why this has worked for me better than ******** or ******** of it, is the generous acceptance ratio I had. Another is probably the much better royalties structure that has.And a third reason... continue reading

One way to shoot people without needing a model release form

I just want to share in this blog one way to shoot people oriented stock photo without needing a model release form. For those who are new to stock photography, any photo with recognizable persons in it must have an accompanying model release form or else it can be sold only for editorial use.I have two photos taken last week at farmer market have been accepted by Dreamstime and most other microstock sites as Royalty Free image without needing to fill in a model release form.What I did is... continue reading

Shooting in the royal garden of China

In the history of China, Beijing was the capital of three dynasties of China.Therefore, there are many well-known imperial garden in Beijing,this is an important theme that a lot of Chinese photographers often shoot too.I think the reason why the garden of China really attracts people is not merely its view, but its history and culture. continue reading

Editorial V Royalty Free

Editorial V Royalty FreeMy editorial images are bringing a good share of downloads with a lot less effort on my part.I don't have to get a model release or go through and remove all of the logo's or other possible copyrighted items from the images.I struggle with the thought of loosing potential downloads by not having RF, so I have started working on keeping a balance between the two.After a game, I'll go through and upload the top 4 images from the game. (4 seems to be the magic... continue reading

Royal courtyard.

This royal house is located in the famous Peking University,"LangRun Garden" There have been several hundred years of history. LongRun Garden, situated in Weiminghu Lakeon the north shore of the island, surrounded by ring of water, towering old trees,The exquisite courtyard, the beautiful long corridor.Scenery is very beautiful!In Qing Dynasty of China,here was once the emperor's son's residence garden.Now, here has already been the official working site of the economic research center of China.... continue reading

Royal long corridor of Beijing

Beijing is of numerous royal gardens, the long corridor is a great characteristic. On the long corridor, carved beams and painted rafter, decorative paintings, make the person too plenty for the eye to take it all in. The content drawn includes flowers long feather, personage's allusion, mountains and rivers scenery,etc.. Its artistry, appreciating is all superior.The most representative long corridor is the long corridor of the Summer Palace, there are 728 meters completely, amounts to 273.... continue reading

Something from the Palace Museum

Beijing , Chinafrom the royal dining room to the emperor's jade pillow.Welcome to China ! continue reading

Real Dreamstime royalties

What's the real royalty rate that Dreamstime awards to its photographers? Thanks to the bonuses we support, the royalties are in fact higher than our contract with you, the contributors, bounds us. While the Sell your images page or our terms mention the standard 50-60% rates, here is a detailed explanation of how much the real royalties are:The credit in the lowest priced package equals $1. A download with such credit brings thephotographer $0.5 or $0.6 if he is exclusive.Higher packages... continue reading

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