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To Free or Not to Free? Are You Sure That “Free Stock Photo” You Downloaded is Safe To Use?

It’s been common knowledge for quite some time that photographs, illustrations and visual representations in general are simply must-haves for any web domain, social media account or promotional campaign.Using attractive visuals was already an important tactic for traditional, offline magazines, but it’s relevance has been magnified by the online environment. To point out just a hint, Facebook posts including images drive twice as much engagement as a simple text status, while tweets with photos... continue reading

Tips for safer photography sessions

I just read a recent article about a woman who was killed by a train while photographing another train coming from the opposite direction.It is a tragic situation that could have been avoided, but this woman is certainly not the first photographer to put herself into a risky situation for a photo.It is likely that many of us take on risks for this craft.The two questions are: 1) Do we even realize that we are in a risky situation?2) What do we do to reduce the risk?I invite all of you... continue reading

Keeping Pets Safe at Christmas Time

* Many holiday plants can lead to health problems in dogs and cats. Among the plants to keep out of reach are holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies.* Snow globes often contain antifreeze, which is poisonous to pets.* Pine needles, when ingested, can puncture holes in a pet's intestine. So keep pet areas clear of pine needles.* The extra cords and plugs of holiday lights and other fixtures can look like chew toys to pets. Tape down or cover cords to help avoid shocks, burns or other... continue reading

Safety and you

“Ha ha ha,me and poetry? Ha ha”That was my first reaction when I was asked to write a poetry for a competition that was held for the forthcoming National Safety day. Incidentally that is tomorrow (the 4th of March)The fact is that I had never written a poetry in my life. Was only impressed by some like “Charge of the Light Brigade” and “Daffodils”which we had to learn at school.But there is always a first time, and I thought why not give it a try.So within 24 hours (which... continue reading

Safe & Wonderful Holidays Everyone

Just want to wish everyone at Dreamstime a write your text here. Safe Travels where ever you are.Merry Christmas Everyone!Aneese =) continue reading

Keep Your Camera Safe

For outdoor and adventure photographers like myself, keeping digital gear safe and sound is always a priority. I take my equipment fishing, skiing, motorcycling - you name it. Here are some tips I've picked up along the way:1. Keep those little silica packs you find in new luggage or clothing. You know the ones, they read 'Do Not Eat.' I have six to eight of them in my camera bag, they reduce humidity inside your bag, keeping your gear safer while in humid climates.2. Get a three-fold dry... continue reading

Sharpening your images

The other day I came across an article on the internet about sharpening your image in a safer way in stat of using Unsharp Mak.One reason for this is that the Unsharp mask operates on the actual image pixels and it makes changes to those pixels. This sharpening process that makes use of the High Pass filter doesn’t operate on the original image so it does not destroy the image pixels.This is how it works:1. Open an image and duplicate the background layer of the image. If your image has multiple... continue reading

To upload or not to upload, that is the question

I am an amateur photographer, exclusive on Dreamstime, this is my second year. I have about 250 photos uploaded on the site. I had my share of rejections and acceptances. By now I kind of know upfront which images will be accepted easily and which have a lower probability of getting accepted. Currently my approval ratio is 43%.It is easy to play it safe and upload only the images that I know will go through. But those are the images I personally like the least. Unfortunately most of my “creative... continue reading

Safe DreamsTime

As piracy has reached some photo stock sites, like many other subjects (No News!), I made many searches to see how safe DT photos are...I know that nothing is totally safe on the net but I have noticed that DT is the photo stock site with less piracy!As for now I can't prove it here unfortunately, but at least that was the conclusion I've reached through 3 days pirate search!I hope I'm not mistaken...Maybe when I reach the 50 online photos I would think seriously of turning to exclusive... continue reading

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.Be safe and happy wherever you are in the small world we live in.Dcwcreations continue reading

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