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Keep Your Camera Safe

For outdoor and adventure photographers like myself, keeping digital gear safe and sound is always a priority. I take my equipment fishing, skiing, motorcycling - you name it. Here are some tips I've picked up along the way:1. Keep those little silica packs you find in new luggage or clothing. You know the ones, they read 'Do Not Eat.' I have six to eight of them in my camera bag, they reduce humidity inside your bag, keeping your gear safer while in humid climates.2. Get a three-fold dry... continue reading

Sharpening your images

The other day I came across an article on the internet about sharpening your image in a safer way in stat of using Unsharp Mak.One reason for this is that the Unsharp mask operates on the actual image pixels and it makes changes to those pixels. This sharpening process that makes use of the High Pass filter doesn’t operate on the original image so it does not destroy the image pixels.This is how it works:1. Open an image and duplicate the background layer of the image. If your image has multiple... continue reading

To upload or not to upload, that is the question

I am an amateur photographer, exclusive on Dreamstime, this is my second year. I have about 250 photos uploaded on the site. I had my share of rejections and acceptances. By now I kind of know upfront which images will be accepted easily and which have a lower probability of getting accepted. Currently my approval ratio is 43%.It is easy to play it safe and upload only the images that I know will go through. But those are the images I personally like the least. Unfortunately most of my “creative... continue reading

Safe DreamsTime

As piracy has reached some photo stock sites, like many other subjects (No News!), I made many searches to see how safe DT photos are...I know that nothing is totally safe on the net but I have noticed that DT is the photo stock site with less piracy!As for now I can't prove it here unfortunately, but at least that was the conclusion I've reached through 3 days pirate search!I hope I'm not mistaken...Maybe when I reach the 50 online photos I would think seriously of turning to exclusive... continue reading

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.Be safe and happy wherever you are in the small world we live in.Dcwcreations continue reading

Children in India

I was visiting India during the month of November 2007. I am always intrigued by the children of Indian - how industrious and clever they are. And at the same time, they (and their parents) seem to have little regard for the same safety concerns we have in the western world.I'm not critical - just making an observation.This photo sums up my experiences well. These children are all piled into, on top of, and hanging off the side of an auto-rickshaw. Mind you, this vehicle is moving down the... continue reading

A new year

Please let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2008. May all your uploads be accepted and may all your images be best sellers. continue reading

SAFE ! best news i have gotten in months

photojay , who has been serving in iraq as a soldier with the US Army is safe and on his way back home !!my good friend, jay, who is my mentor in the stock world is finally on the last leg of the journey home from Iraq.Jay is one of the people i met early on in my association with Dreamstime. he has become a close friend, someone my family hears about all the time.he writes that he will be back home on monday.his wife and four children are waiting anxiously for him to get there.i can'... continue reading

Model Release - A Security

Seen on this blog are pictures of my relatives which comprise a lot of percentage in my portfolio. Recently I had to disable a picture of a beautiful cousin of mine after a controversy that sparked off wild reactions in India involving usage of pictures for certain applications. In this blog I will explain based on that example, how pictures here which seem normal to us be misused by someone and why model releases are so important in case of minors and adults alike. The picture of my cousin was her... continue reading

What to take when traveling

We all love to travel, it provides us with new locals to challenge our creativity. But if we travel outside our own state, province, county, or country how do we keep ourselves safe and healthy? One great peril to our safety is our camera gear itself! We all love to tell others how great and latest our gear is. This is what muggers and thieves are hoping for; us to identify the best stuff to steal. Use a camera backpack that does not look like a camera bag to lug your gear around in. I know that it... continue reading

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