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My journey to 3000 sales reached today.

Wow.It just seems like yesterday when I started at Dreamstime and enter the world of microstock photography.I remember vividly saying to myself, it's worth a shot (pardon the pun) since I already enjoy taking photos anyway.What can a lose?Almost 5 years later, I finally reached 3000 sales.To many, this may not be such a significant milestone since it took almost 5 years to achieve.But considering my portfolio size is only 252 photos, I'm very proud of my achievement.I remember the... continue reading

Milestone - first $1,000

Now here is a milestone worthy of marking - I just reached my first $1,000 in sales.This month also marks my one year anniversary with Dreamstime, 600+ sales and 1,354+ uploads.And importantly my acceptance rate has gone from about 20 percent toaround 70 percent.So I must be learning something!Like anyone starting out in micro-stock the learning curve has been steep in the beginning.I think my favorite part of being a contributor has been the learning process.When you have the motivation... continue reading

I am getting accepted but not the sales! help???

Hi there,in less then a year I have had 176 images accepted. we wont talk about how many rejected! I decided to go exclusive with DT, but I am starting to wonder if it is such a good idea. So far.. ive had only 10 sales! in 10 months that means one sale a month. I have read blogs, made friends, posted to face book, and re done key words. can anyone give me insight on to what else I can do? It is frustrating to say the least! perhaps I am just not giving the buyer what they want! any ideas? continue reading

My Story, 1 year, 400 on line, 150 sales

My microstock story started a year ago, I suppose one could argue that it started when I first picked up a camera, but for this story a year ago was when I opened an account with Dreamstime. I started my journey, just as this baby goat is starting life, not knowing what was in store or where it would lead me. I still do not know ultimately where it will lead, but I have learned over the past year, that I do have the ability to create images that are not only useful as stock, but as art too.... continue reading

In the "DT" actually what kind of picture good sales?

See the "DT" on a lot of photography masters photos of their photos of sales is very good, download rate is very high. Don't know why, but my photo download rate has been very low, my photo is really very bad? Very depressed! continue reading

My first 50 sold photos

Well here it first 50 sales on Dreamstime after one year and two months when I have joined DT.This is my latest sold image of Pamukkale in Turkey. This image is sold four times so far and I think it is currently image with most sales in my portfolio.I think this is pretty good result since I have less then 200 images in my portfolio. I'm pretty satisfied, and I will try to upload more and increase my portfolio size.Most of my sales are images from my vacation trip to Turkey last... continue reading

SDD............. Sales Dropped in Dreamstime

Hi.... Since I joined DT few years back, I never had this low phase in sales............ for past one month sales have dropped to lowest, is it just me or overall sales in DT dropped. Your comments will be appreciated....I have tried everything to promote my portfolio, and i'm sure even DT is doing the best, since I see DT banners in most of the sites I visit.....Really Surprised to see my sales going a downward trend, How to improve sales???? Is being the exclusive only way? :-)... continue reading

My first $1000

Hello DTJust wanted to share my excitement for the first $1000 I just made after joining DT a little more than two years ago.This gives me more inspiration to work further ( albeit harder now)!!!Thank you friends, DT and buyers!!! continue reading

How did you do with DT changes?

A month ago DT changed the levels of the prices per image, here it is the link where you can see these changes: Levels UpdateNow it is easier for our images to reach levels, for example before for a level 4 an image needed 25 sales, now an image only needs 10 sales. That means that we can earn more money per sale, but at the same time makes buyers look for images with less sales. So that's why I'm asking you how did you this first month with the changes?.In my case I had a drop in the number... continue reading

'The First Sale' collection: need you to contribute

My collection 'The First Sale on DT' have been existing for 15 months. At the moment there are about 180 images collected but it grows very slowly. So, I shall ask all of you once again - share your first sale to community. I will be grateful to everybody for contribution. continue reading

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