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25 photos or how to minimize rejects

Finally I have 25 photos!!! I’m half the way to becoming a “photographer working exclusively with”. It’s really not so easy to start, so many rejects. I came to conclusion that there are several ways to minimize reject:First of all analyze quality (sharpness andcomposition ).If they are not perfect, there is no need to waste time processing these pictures. If you doubt to send picture or notbecause of the quality, don’t send them. They won’t be approved.If you... continue reading

Scanned images collection

Hi, Friends.I'm making scanned film images collection. Please, offer your pictures. Your comments about the scanner you used are very precious, too!!!A while ago I wrote a blog about my own scanning experience. If you are by chance curious about this matter, here is the link:.The beginning of the collection itself is here: , but I'm not yet sure if it's public or not, because it only has one author by now :) continue reading

My scanning experience and some advice

So as you remember from my previous blog,I decided I want to scan all my negatives.Lucky for me I am just an amateur so I found myself with only ~3000 pictures I gathered through the years that I wanted to scan (don’t worry, I won’t try to upload them all).If I were a bit more serious I would really be in trouble.And now the dilemma starts.How much money are you willing to spend on pictures that were already taken?It makes sense to invest in a new shiny DSLR because of... continue reading

Transition from film to the digital world

I am an amateur photographer.Until relatively recently I shot film and was very pleased.For years I used a basic SLR (Nikon F50) and various Nikon lenses.Most of my pictures are from being in the right place at the right time and not so much setting the lighting for my purposes.It doesn’t mean I’m completely lucky or that this is an easy task.Being in the right place in the right time includes going around the world and doing some inconvenient things I’m sure most of... continue reading

Scans from Dia

Recently I gave some of my old dias (24x36mm and 6x9cm) to a professional scanning service that has good references. The scans were made with an up-to-date Nikon scanner at 4000 dpi and saved in maximum quality JPG (12).DT refused most of these scans and told me, that there were distorted pixels. As I looked more closely at the images I found that DT was right and the question emerged what to do against this loss of quality. Do you have some tips for me?Best regardscristalloidPS: I do... continue reading

My Film Scanning Workflow

As of this blog entry, my portfolio contains 23 images.All were shot on film using a Canon AE-1 camera as old as I am.As I wrote in my first blog entry, I'm not anti-digital.In fact, I'm soon to have my very own Canon DSLR.In any case, I'd like to share my scanning process and hope that it helps someone with a collection of negatives and/or slides who's looking to put them to use.For starters, it helps to use the lowest ISO film possible, with very low grain.The following 2 images... continue reading

First Sales and First Blog Entry

Hello, I'm Reed Daigle,First of all, I'd like to thank my first customers on Dreamstime.During the past week and a half, I've had 4 sales.I appreciate your using my photos.If you don't mind and are able, please message me with links to where I can see the photos used.And thank you Dreamstime for a great way to get my photography to customers.I really like the site design and usability of Dreamstime.The only problem I have is the one at a time uploading.Then again, maybe I should... continue reading

Scanning for stock

I have managed to get an image accepted that is scanned from some of my old slides.I lived for a year in Bangladesh and took quite a lot of photos there, as well as during some travels in India.Scanning is a little frustrating as you have to deal with a number of issues:1. Dust and scratches.Hopefully there aren't scratches, but all the blowing in the world seems to leave a few particles behind that you need to take care of.2. Color balance.Colors fade at different rates so the older... continue reading

How do you deal your films?

When you finish taking a picture in film, how many steps will you take before it can be uploaded to DT?I am quite nervous about this. I like take slides with Kodak 100VS. But it is really a big problem for scanning and digital darkroom.Do you recommend any scanner or how do you deal you scanning results?I will try to upload some pics taken in film later. continue reading

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