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Never knew people were searching for ice and milk. I now know.

Soms time ago I had a dream. The dream kept coming back, followed me around, even during day to day chores. And I knew I could make that dream come true. The dream? Gettin' smoking rich with photography. Yes, I was going to be that guy, that sold images and could make a living out of it.Luck was on my side and I was able to buy a nice 6D, some lenses, and LR4, so I started. But the wall of reality hit me hard in the face. I was never going to be rich from photograpy. The market is flooded with... continue reading

Searching the web

Out of my curiosity one day, I try to input my my name "Helgidinson" at the google search engine. And to my surprise several items were found. This includes stock photo website that I never heards of. Such as "Sevector" Dollarphoto club, name a few. Unfortunately these neverheard stock photo agencies has some if not all of my photos for sale. I did not even sign up or authorized these to sell my photo. How did this happen? I try to send email to the administrator, but as of now no... continue reading

How This Buyer Searches

If there is one overall deficiency from photographers it is definitely keywords.I am primarily looking for images of different soups. The first thing I do is to define the basic soup from its appearance. As an example, let's assume I want a picture of a pumpkin soup that has white cream and parsley as a garnish.I do a search for pumpkin soup, then within results I search for "cream" and then within results I search for "parsley".I do not search for the word "white" and I do not search... continue reading

Searching the perfect balance of our lifestyle

The problems and the stress = bad humor.A flower and a child = happiness. Two states of mind.The contrasts of our daily lifestyle in search of balance... continue reading

DT popular searching keywords during the last year.

To get success in the micro stock business we have to take into consideration that different stock agency has different style, approaches & preferences. I did not find informationwhat DT buyers are looking for & decided to collect dates from the DT POPULAR SEARCH during the last year (from January 2011 to January 20012). I tried to do this as frequently as possible. It was not the 24 hours monitoring. Unfortunately some of dates are missed & statistic can’t be reliable. That is why the keywords... continue reading

An Eye For The Extraordinary

Are you the type who is always searching for typical images in our ordinary day to day life?Like an apple or a computer or maybe even an insect or a building?Or are you the type who seeks the rarities in life that we're lucky to witness?I often find myself looking for a specific image but it tends to be something difficult to find.A photo of a mother breastfeeding or a snowy terrain of pine trees... Usually it has to really be something different than the normalcy of everything else that will... continue reading

Extension of: How to search your own portfolio

This blog is an extension of the very useful one posted by Brett Critchley: "How to search your own portfolio....... ". His blog sparked thoughts about more ways to use the Advanced Search feature for checking my keywords. Here is what I did.I followed Bret's instructions for limiting the database return to Lostarts images. Then I selected the radio button "Match Any Word" and entered both 'philippine' and 'philippines'. The result was 54 images. Then "Match All Words" resulting in only 15... continue reading

Searching in vain

I intended to buy some pictures for myexternal blogand wrote about how I intended to buy it in the Dreamstime message board.To make the message more colourful and illustrative in the above thread, I searched DT for a picture of two people exchanging pictures (or anything)I tried many keywords like:exchangeexchangingexchanging picturesgive and takeand many other combinations of words by which both the people are giving and taking.Almost all the pictures that I got were something... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos

I wanted to share a funny feature that I ran across recently called "This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos". We all know that there are trends in stock photography - well, someone has decided to have some fun with that and the results are pretty hilarious.How many times have we seen "shocked people in front of computers" - "handsome doctors with crossed arms" or "sad stockbrokers on trading floors"?And try this one:Businesspeople Doing YogaFunny! But what does this have to do with my... continue reading

Tips for buyers...

I usually write blogs for the benefit of other photographers, but here is one for the buyers :)Basically, in trying to find my own images and how they rank in the results I've learned a few tricks to find things.1. Advanced search, aka the 'Dreamfinder' !In case you missed it, there is a little magenta text and arrow to the right of the search area that opens up a bunch of search features...2. Categories.The admins have stated that lots of searches start from a category search, and why... continue reading

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