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Editorial vs RF

A couple of blogs ago I wrote that my editorial pictures are not selling that well, but at this stage I do sell more editorial than RF. Of the last 40 sales, 24 are editorial.These pictures are my latest editorial ones. continue reading

Illustrator Tutorial: Vector Laptop

Hello everyone,Finaly i have quit my day job and started to work with microstock full time. And i'm happy about it. Incredibly! I also started my own blog where i will put vector tutorials. These will be corel draw and adobe illustrator tutorials and i will try somehow to make a link between those tutorials and microstock. I will teach how to create something vector and you can upload it imediately to microstock agencies.I even would be happy if you also write a comment on my blog how well... continue reading

My First Uploads

Hey,I'm new to this site, I'm new to stockphoto's all together. As most of you guys, I'm amazed at the level of quality I see in the pictures on dreamstime.As most of you, I felt that some of the rejected pictures were actually nice. But reading the reasons why they got rejected, well ... it makes sense. When you look at the pictures some of you guys are posting up here .... rejection gets easier :-) On top of that you can use this advice in order to improve.Now my first uploads are done,... continue reading

Simplify to Sell Stock

Photographers and designers have the same goal: to create and/or utilize powerful images that make money.One thing that sets successful photographers apart is that they know that a simple image is almost always the most powerful image.To illustrate, imagine that you are a designer that wants a photo to use in an internet ad that illustrates taking a vacation on a beach.There are literally millions of images of beaches to choose from.Which one is the best?Not everyone will agree but the... continue reading

Which one do you prefer?

Nearly two years ago I uploaded this image:It has become my bestseller sofar. This week I uploaded a new modificated rather dramatic version:I hope it will sell good too. Which one do you like more? continue reading

Finally ...

I finally reached 300 dollars worth of sales today, almost 1 year after joining, I'm very happy, my sales keep increasing each month, September I sold nearly 72$ worth of images !!Thanks DT continue reading

Primary Images versus Secondary Images

Which would you rather have? A hundred images that will earn 100 sales per year or ten images that also have the potential for earning 100 sales each year? That is the difference between Primary and Secondary images.Primary images are those "winners" in your portfolio that have steady sales and slowly climb up the levels. Secondary images therefore are the ones that sit for a long time before they ever see a sale, and that's IF they will ever see a sale.What is a Secondary image? Essentially,... continue reading

New here

Hi everyone, I am new to dreamtime and looking forward to using it as a tool to improve my photography and hopefully make a few dollars at the same time.I have recently moved to Australia and I am really looking forward to getting out with the camera and taking some landscapes photos.From reading the forums and blogs I have come to understand that these don't sell too well as stock, so will probably have to diversify a bit. continue reading

Level four

Lol! Today my best seller has reached the level four! Feeling good... continue reading

Your First Sell

Good evening DT contributors and site perusers!I am a very recent entrant into the stock photography landscape, and just had my first sell.I'm sure it's just a fluke, and not the start of a tidal wave of downloads since few people besides me have an interest in bugs and water drops, but it's still a great feeling.I still shoot what I love, and will probably not stray from nature shots, although they don't pay the bills, so to speak.What were your first accepted/downloaded photos of?Were... continue reading

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