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Shadow man - the story behind my latest upload

First of all, I have to admit, that I 'm not good at portraits. I always get complimented on my landscape / scenery photos, and I love to do them, but I just cant do outstanding, eye-catching portraits. Not for my life.When I heard about the Big Visit in Vienna, I was hoping to get a nice shot of the brand new "Kortezh", the Aurus Senat. Now you know. I'm talking about Vladimir Putin's official visit to the Austrian capital. First I went to Schwarzenbergplatz, where... continue reading

Eliminating color can add drama and romance to your pictures.

Why shoot in black and white when there are so many wonderful colors in the world?Shooting in black and white or for conversion to black and white forces you to really zero in on the light and shadow in your image and can add a lot of drama.On a recent trip to the circus with my granddaughter, we shot a lot of great color pictures.They are fun to look at and full of energy.But there were some instances were I wanted to capture a bit of a different feeling.One example is a pair of acrobats... continue reading

Adobe Illustrator - Fighting Again With Pixels

Hello Everyone:Long time no talk. To make a long story short, I have been inactive on Dreamstime for quite a while after the loss of my sweetheart in 2011. But life's worth living, and I am back with plenty of inspiration. As I wrote in my first article, I am new to illustration making and still have a whole lot to learn. This time--and I hope someone here can give me a clue as how to resolve this problem--I am struggling with raster effects when I am using the 'feather' and/or 'drop shadow' options.... continue reading

How To Take a Shadowless Object/Product Photograph

Hi,I loved this blog writing of my recent blogs is in the Google’s first page and it made me feel really proud. So I think I will keep writing :)Whatever...Altough I’m not a professor or expert on studio lighting, I want to write about “shadow-less object / product photography”. You know we generally put our objects on a white seamless paper or anything like that and whenever we click the shutter, there is a shadow on the ground. Then we struggle to delete that shadow... continue reading

Wildlife Photography Secrets: Angle of Light

In the old days, you would purchase a package of film and inside the film box was an instruction sheet that described the concept of sunny 16, shooting your images with the sun at your back and other such general information.The makers of the film knew that shooting your images with the sun behind your back would be the easiest technique for those with little photographic experience.In this edition of my blog articles, let’s discuss lighting.During full sun, there are three basic types... continue reading

Beware of the Time of Year

You may or may not realize that the time of the year can greatly effect your shot.I am not talking about color in the leaves, or snow.....but shadows.Even here in Southern California, my photography is greatly effected by the time of the year despite the year long great weather.Some parts of the world are not greatly effected by this, but here at the 32° Latitude, we have to deal with a wide variety of solar angles.At the Summer Solstice (June 21st), here in Los Angeles the Sun is actually... continue reading

14-bit capture

One of the things that comes with most high end DSLRs these days, but may be missing on the mid level ones is 14-bit capture.Some of the Nikons allow switching between 12-bit and 14-bit (sorry Sony, Olympus, and Pentax owners - I don't know enough about them).I've seen a lot of comments in reviews that it theoretically allows finer gradation in the shadows, etc. but had failed to produce an example of the difference it actually makes.Most people who have compared say they can't see a difference.... continue reading

The picture in the picture.

It's easy to fall into the mindset that if Dreamstime has over4,000,000 photos online is there anything left to add?The answer is yes yes yes. In fact new photos are selling every day.Also there are a few things we can do to increase the chances of a photo selling.Look or create the unusual in the photo.When I drove by this guy pressure washing a building the first thing I noticed was the mans shadow on the wall.It was as if he was in a battle with himself. So although there... continue reading

Shadow or Light? It's a question!

Photography is called as the art of light and shadow, as you may all know. However, I do not know whether you have the similar question as I have: whether I shall use shadow more than light in the shot or not? I am still wondering and considering. If you also have any ideas or answer, let's discuss! continue reading

The shadow of tower in backlight

CCTV(China Central Television) Tower is the highest building in was built in 1993.I took this picture in backlight. So we can see a light line, which is the shadow of the tower tip. It cannot be seen in any angle else. continue reading

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