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how to make a good picture with photomerge. pt 2

hello in these second blog I descrive quickly, the technique I used to make this photo of the Cathedral of my city Lecce (Italy).cannon 550d + Tamron 17-50mmf8 t 1/1000 iso 200I'm am a beginners, so I gladly accept corrections and tipsI did 5 shots without tripod , I corrected raw files synchronizing parameters, I joined the files with photomerge.with photoshop cs 5 , I corrected the falling lines and I have improved the photo with unsharp maskso these is the final result continue reading

Photoshop Does Wonders For Smiles

I run Internet marketing campaigns for dentists. It's a niche that I sort of fell into and have become passionate about. One of the constant challenges in marketing dentists is finding pictures of beautiful smiling people that look great on their websites AND that the dentists don't freak out about when they see the pics on their sites.Right or wrong, the assumption that dentists make is that every photo on their website needs to represent fine dentistry. They generally don't care that a photo... continue reading

I love Photomerge; landscapes are my fondness

hello everyone,I am very happy because every day that I take a picture and use photoshop, I always learn something new.during my last vacation in Italy (Vieste, Puglia) I was fascinated by the beauty of the coast.the view was so vast that I had some problems in the frameSo I decided to take many photos of the scene and join them together with PhotomergeIt was the first time I took pictures for photomerge, and I was surprised by the beauty of the result continue reading

On a MP3-Cover *lol*

i was on a "shopping-Tour" on a big Internet-Shop, which also sell`s MP3`s, when i noticed a MP3-Cover with an Picture, i know very well ;o)(you can find it with googles help too, when you use the keywords shiloh and antigen;o))i am very happy *ggg* continue reading

Photoshop - Mastering the Extreme

Most of you have Photoshop, don't you? If not Photoshop, at least GIMP? Both have capabilities that you cannot imagine. Many of us use Photoshop for retouching and post processing our photos, which is the most simplistic use of Photoshop. Brightness, contrast, hue-saturation.....and the "little" things. Have you ever thought of creating imagery that you can capture with your camera but never capture with your camera at the same time? Confusing? I'll tell you what I mean around the end of the article.... continue reading

Advanced Tutorial About How To Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

Index:1-Step By Step2-Help Layers3-Be Organized!4-Go, Go, Go5-Once You Zoom In, You Can Never Go Back6-Equality7-Take A Look At The Big Picture8-Modification vs Correction9-Different Layers for Different Parts10-Where to Stop?11-Keyboard Shortcuts (Photoshop Assistant)12-Neutral GrayvsTransparent Layer13-Alternative Techniques14-Different Applications15-Creating The ArtIn this blog, which will be more than long, I will try to explain... continue reading

Simple image editing (for buyers)

I have noticed threads in the message boards from buyers who want to do simple things but don't know how to. So that is what this article is about. If you are a contributor, please skip this. I'm sure you know much more than the basics already. Share this article with your buyer if he/she is facing one of these problems.True, this site has a lot of web designers who buy our work, but there are also those who want images for personal uses and are buying it from us. Quite a good percentage of them... continue reading

How to prepare your stock photo for Dreamstime assignment

How can you get a photo approved for Dreamstime assignment?'s not very easy, neither difficult, if you do have certain patience and technique. For this latest assignment my photo below was approved, but I had several tries/photos, until this one. I had to upload other 4 photos, which were in rejected from various reasons like "not good composition" or "not good lighting" or "the focus is not on the subject". These 4 photos were from my last years portfolio, so none of these... continue reading

The power of photoshop..

Just want to share with you how powerful the Photoshop is..This is the original photo..and after photoshopping it became..How is it? or can you find any flaws?:) continue reading

Removing Banding in Photoshop Gradients

Many times during post-production work on a photo you may need to add some kind of rendered gradient into the background or maybe even into an object in the photo. And most of the time these Photoshop generated gradients will have banding issues.What is banding? Banding is when you can see distinct rings in your gradient with hard edges where the gradient goes from one shade to another. It will make your gradient look amateurish and can even get an image rejected here at DreamsTime. It's happened... continue reading

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