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Wildlife and Movement First Try

I set myself an assignment the other day, to captureanimal movement with my new sigma 70-200 2.8 OS lens and new Canon 7D.Being fairly new to photography and exploring my new kit, I was eagerto get some decent shots. Put the camera on TV mode and tried various speeds from 500 to 1200.Here's one that Dreamstime accepted.Any tips, on capturing movement from any wildlife/sport's photographers among you?Thanks for looking... continue reading

Basic Exposure in Photography

This is the triangle of exposure, informing about the basic rules of exposure in photography. Shutter speed (time value), aperture value and ISO effects the exposure of the photograph, they also have some side effects. I draw this diagram a couple of years ago for myself. Now I can take it one step further and add secondary side effects too, which are generally ignored by photographer because they are very subtle.It is accepted by DT admins (took a lot of time to accept it) and I'm proud to be... continue reading

Sometimes it's NOT about the shot......

We have wanted to see a shuttle launch for years and this past week we had the chance.Packed a bag took all three cameras tripods lenses laptop.... Along cameour daughter and her 13 and 4 year old daughters drove 10 hours and finally... It was fantastic!!!!The girls are home schooled and have been studying Flight from the Wright Brothers through the space program. They both were thrilled.The photos were not the best. But I would not have missed sharing this with them for the world.... continue reading

introdutction of Chinese shuttlecock

Chinese shuttlecock is a traditional leisure sport in china. It was invented more 500 years ago. the Shuttlecock is made of paper and feather. participants are required to kick the shuttlecock and keep it in the air. it is suitable for 6-60. in the past 20 years, chinese shuttlecock was developed as a competitive sport, the world association was formed. Rules and regulation were established at the same time. the rules of shuttlecock combined football, volleyball, and badminton characteristics.... continue reading

Learning about exposure

If you’ve been wanting to venture out of the Auto mode on your digital camera and experiment with it’s manual settings there’s some tips that you might find useful.There are three main elements that need to be considered when playing around with exposure by calling them ‘the exposure triangle’.Each of the three aspects of the triangle relate to light and how it enters and interacts with the camera.The three elements are:1.ISO value– the measure of a digital camera sensor’s sensitivity... continue reading

Still learning

Still learning after 3 years with SLR.I hope I never stop!!!!Sense I am an amateur and recently got a new camera. I have been in search of new ways to improve my work. I found this web site and thought I would share it with you. It has been very helpful to me. You can search the site if you have questions on a specific topic. aperture, ISO or shutter speed ect… Check it out. Hope you enjoyIt also has links to Wikipedia.Happy shootingThanks Debbie continue reading

Oh dear! What can the matter be…….

Hi! I'm an avid photographer and photography is my part time hobby. I've been an active DT member since 2008 and have currently reached 50 uploads in my account. Recently, I have noticed several problems that I’ve faced in DT whereby I had a couple of images, which were mostly viewed, files but with less downloads. I would like to know from other DT members whether anyone would be interested in these photos or are there any areas of improvement needed in these photos.Here are the several images... continue reading

Underwater photo tip: higher shutter speed!

This august I was in Red Sea and I did an early morning dive in the bay near the resort.With my Canon G9 digital camera and flash YS27DX I had a lot of troubles because of low shutter speed. So I tried to use high ISO values (more than 400 ISO) but I noticed that noise was really a lot!So I had the idea: fix 200 ISO and start to underexpose (1 or 2 stop) and compense the low light with more flash power! In this way I had higher shutter speed and darker background with the result of a more tridimensionality... continue reading

good morning people :)

Hello. My name is Alex. I'm from Russia. I'm sorry for my English - it's not good enough. I decided to write some here just to open my soul :) I'm new in stocks. I've earned 12$ for now. (133 photos uploaded). I would say dreamstime is interesting. I use site name edited by admin but I hope dreamstime will make a progress - I like it... I don't know why... maybe I see a perspective here... I saw my stats for last 4 months and I can say - my sales are growing. It's good :)In real life I'm working... continue reading

Dealing with shutter speed

Already two of my articles came up under useful articles. It just means that, aside of many expert photographers, there are enough starter users who recognize those basics valuable.A few words today about shutter speed. Lets just remind that shutter speed is one of the "holly trinity" element when we capture light to our film or sensor. The other two are aperture and ISO sensitivity. I like the metaphor which I read in one book. We can compare those three parameters as catching the sun for bronze... continue reading

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