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What Size Image Should I Download for My Project?

Your project is almost ready, your sweat and toil has paid off and you've narrowed down on your stock photos. Now the most important question on your mind is "What Size Image Should I Download for My Project?".You do not want the results to look blurry when it prints, or unnecessarily slow down your web pages while spending credits when you needn't!To print or not to print: Does your project involve printing out on paper? Is it a presentation to a group of people... continue reading

Does Size Matter?

Is there an ideal size for Dreamstime?I am never quite sure whether to shoot all of my photos at full size 6016/5637pxOr 4500/3000px or even take at full size and then reduce, the reason being that when I have tried a few different searches on DT the smaller photos seem to sell better even though they are the same price, but maybe this is just because there is an option of searching "smallest first"?I would be very grateful for feedback on this.These are the biggest and smallest photos in... continue reading

Size Matters

I'd been warned, but I didn't pay attention.Or, rather, I paid attention, but ignored the advice.Here's what I'd been told: Never buy the extra-small size picture.Always go for extra-large.But although I was new to the cover-design end of writing, I figured I knew best and bought the smallest (eg cheapest) images for my first book cover.Big mistake.Here's the dilemma: you can easily make a large picture smaller, but you can't make a small picture larger without sacrificing the quality... continue reading

Why don't increase the level of subscription?

I think that the price of selling in DT should be reviewed by management. For example, my last 20 picture sold just 4 are with credits and 16 (!!) are with subscriptions at 0.42$ eachI can comprehend that we earn on volume and not on the single picture sold, but I think that most of use of these picture are for blog or internet so people buy just small size.The cost and the the effort to shot original picture (and the effort also to improve the skills in PS for example) have a value more... continue reading

Ideal image size

Hello everybody, I'm sure this must have been discussed before in this Forum, but I could not find the answer I am looking for.I began processing my photos in a different way and as a final result, I end up with a bigger file (more resolution). After Dreamstime's resizing and acceptance, the files are around 20-27mp compared to 10-13mp size of my previous submissions.These are my latest and biggest images:And here is my question: is there an "ideal" image size for stock? will a... continue reading

Does size matter?

They say size doesn't matter.It's all in the technique.And while I'd hate to complain about a sale there are two size issues that irk me.Let me know if you agree, disagree, never thought about it or if I'm just being irked over nothing.Size Irk #1: Sub + MaxThe slightly annoying sale is a Sub sale at "Maximum".Doesn't that irk you?I just seems like your image is being given away especially when the buyer seems that the really, really want it and want for something really good.... continue reading

size matters ?

I use a sony a-700 with 12,2 megapixels at the moment.Is it an advantage to have more megapixels (bigger format / full frame) or perhaps a disadvantage if you have pictures twice as big for having better sales ? continue reading

Sensor size

Some of us pay more attention to aspect ratio than others.Some prefer to shoot at the camera's native aspect ratio and crop later while others prefer to compose in the final aspect ratio.At least that is what we have been telling ourselves since the dSLRs we're used to only have one option :)One of the things I love about my Panasonic GH2 is the ability to view and compose in the final aspect ratio, including square![An interesting side note is that I occasionally find myself still rotating the camera into 'portrait' orientation when I'm shooting in square format - which says something about how much my years of shooting 3:2 aspect has influenced my habits...]... continue reading

Adding a sense of scale

I love to shoot landscapes - I'm fortunate in that I currently live in a very scenic Australian State where landscape photography is a must.At times, it's difficult to convey a sense of scale with an image - I know the depth and breadth and height because I can see it with my eyes, but I can't necessarily convey that to someone who is viewing my photo.One technique to give your images a sense of scale is to bring people into them, because people give us a familiar point of reference - we know... continue reading

power sources for flash ( AA size elements )

Hello!Some time ago i try to get a small knowledge about rechargeable batteries ( because on many cases it is a far better and cheaper than alkaline and so on), and i want to share my small knowledge in this area. i reading a lots of forums and sites approx 2-3 months, and maybe that material may be a handy for some so:starting with "best brands" - after a researching, peoples prefer generally a "eneloop" ( better is "made in japan" cells), GP ReCyko,and duracell staycharged ( about... continue reading

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