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My second sale! ;-)

Hello everyone! I would like to share with my second sale which i didn't expected at all! This is a big surprise for me ;) this pic was draw by my fiance ;) girl got the talent, isnt she? ;-)   continue reading

Mad for sketchy doodle art! And selected...

Continuing to explore, explore and explore the endless edges of drawings. In my travel to the beginning I've found the sketchy doodles!First of I've seen Blue67 art, and like it very much.And after I've discovered different ways of makin art with sketchy doodles.Some are retro old style illustrations like those of Canicula and Gollli.Others are new and fresh, like Buchachon and Perepova.And my sketchy doodle art?I cannot classify it, just being very very happy 'cause I'... continue reading

Discovering the world of stock illustration

Well, even I started here as a photographer, illustrations are my very new interest. I was a bit surprised by myself since I work for years in graphic design. How did I never thought of making illustrations for sale?Maybe because of my cliche that taking photographs is easier. It lasts just a moment and you are done. Getting involved in stock sale shows that it is far from easy job. With my photographic skills I should mix a bit of luck in the recipe too. Anyhow, I sold some of my photos. Pictures... continue reading

My first Photoshop tutorial

Recently I made my first Photoshop tutorial. It is about a simple way of turning sketches into paintings.Take a look how simple pencil drawing became a magical spider tree :) Have fun)From sketch to painting continue reading

An important keyword

I'm mostly an illustrator and have many pencil drawings in my portfolio. They have very different subjects: from fantasy dragons to common landscapes, but it's curious that often they (despite they variety) used to be found by the same keyword - sketch - and bought then. Just a peice of advice for fellow illustrators: if you have pencil drawings in your portfolio, don't forget to add the keyword "sketch" to all of them, this simple action will bring you many sales. continue reading

Magic of gradients

I love sketches. And surprises :)Adding some colors with sometimes unexpected result is what I want to share with you.Just open a sketch in Photoshop and chose Image -> Adjustments -> Gradient map. Play with options there and find gradient that suits your image the best. The result may be unexpected. If you like it, adjust some colors, options, add some strokes and effects to finish the picture.You may also make some copies of the sketch layer, apply different gradient maps to them and... continue reading

5 tips to create good illustration

As the market of stock illustration is constantly growing there is the task number one for author to attract customers to his works therefore to make illustration of good quality. What is the difference between good illustration and bad? I'd like to offer several tips of creating pictures.Tip №1 Make sketchesBefore you start in order to clear your idea for yourself make a sketch using usual pencil or brush and a piece of paper. Good sketch makes good result. Then you can scan it and use it... continue reading


Time flies. I have a year on DT! (o.o).And this picture was downloaded to the DT one year and two days ago.And someone bought it today! Cool! And Thank you! ))The picture was completely drawn in CorelDraw with a pencil sketch. But as a sophisticated effects (shadows, grid, blends), I did not download a vector file.Well, as I do, this picture shows.And layer by layer)))Oh! You did not go to the movie "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel? Funny movie! Worth seeing!Believe... continue reading

Colored pencils (crayons)

Drawing with crayons is a usual child business, isn't it? But I tried them again, not long ago and can say that very interesting effects can be made that way, and it's really worth trying.So there are some tips from me if you are eager to try:1. Make a simple sketch with a lead pencil, outline it with pen and then use eraser to remove all pencil lines. Otherwise it may spoil your colors when you start coloring your sketch2. Place light tones and leave blank spaces for highlights. For example,... continue reading

Illustrating women

There are lots of photos of women on DT but about 5 percent of them are illustrations (took this number from simple searching).How amazing it was to discover women in some new simple form by graphic expression. You can simply convert photo to graphic illustration, but still you must remember of putting model releasing to it. Use some graphic filters and you have something different to show or just try to sketch portrait from photo on paper then scan it.There some just line formed woman simple... continue reading

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