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Lesson number 2: The lens

Continuing on from my first post on camera bodies (camera bodies - lesson 1), here is a bit of extremely basic information on camera lenses, in plain, simple English. As before, I am writing this with novice photographers in mind; those who are new to the world of SLR and stock and want a bit of basic, easy to digest information.When I opened the box of my first SLR, I found a shiny 18-55mm lens sitting inside. I asked myself, ‘what does the 18 – 55mm actually mean?’Those values are... continue reading

IR Photography, any other way of creating this?

I read an article on Infrared Photography aka IR Photography.Filters are difficult to get and very expensive.Has anyone achieved a similar, although probably not as perfect, effect with software or using other equipment?And no lol, I won't be stripping my camera and making it a only IR.Although I did hear that some of the older SLR's allow for it?I could get a second hand SLR, but I don't know.Any opinions on this?For anyone else who doesn't know what IR Photography is take... continue reading

Why primes rock! (Part 1)

For a while now I've been using my zoom lens a lot, but after getting a Panasonic GF1 with 20mm f/1.7 lens I realized how much I miss using prime lenses.After getting and using a 28mm for my SLR I'm reminded how versatile prime lenses can be.Here are my top reasons for liking to pull out a prime lens over my zoom:1. Rejoice - no choice!There is something freeing about having only one focal length.If you have some room to move about you can accomplish a lot of selection on the background... continue reading

Transition from film to the digital world

I am an amateur photographer.Until relatively recently I shot film and was very pleased.For years I used a basic SLR (Nikon F50) and various Nikon lenses.Most of my pictures are from being in the right place at the right time and not so much setting the lighting for my purposes.It doesn’t mean I’m completely lucky or that this is an easy task.Being in the right place in the right time includes going around the world and doing some inconvenient things I’m sure most of... continue reading

Aspect Ratio

As if there weren't enough things to think about, I recently started thinking about yet another aspect (pun intended) of stock photography: aspect ratio.I got a compact camera this Christmas and discovered that it was 4:3, rather than 3:2 as I'm used to with a DSLR.This has more impact than I would have thought:1. Taking pictures.I find myself taking a lot more photos in the 'landscape' orientation rather than 'portrait'.When taking photos of people I find the SLR ratio too wide unless... continue reading

Will you use the SLR cameras again?

As we all know that the technology of DSLR cameras develop very fast.Many fans of photography just use DSLR cameras at the beginning.But at the same time,many other fans used SLR cameras before.And some of them still use SLR cameras now,like me.If you used the SLR cameras before,you could find that the film have a good taste.It is different form DSLR photos.Although I use the DSLR cameras most the time,I will use my old SLR cameras sometime in the future.Maybe tomorrow.What about you?And if you... continue reading

Camera upgrade - Canon EOS 450D

Just last week, I have brought my first DSLR camera: a Canon EOS 450D with the default objective EFS 18-55mm. For the last 4-5 years I have used compact cameras to create stock photos, and since they managed to pay for themselves, I've decided that it was the time to pass on the next level. I this article I will try to present my feelings on this transition.I've started my path into the photography world while doing my master studies in Tokyo, Japan. It was for the first time I've purchased myself... continue reading

Camera Buying Tips, Very useful

Guys if anyone planing to buy new camera, here is a site which explains how to choose, Click the below link and explore the site, very useful site even if you own a camera already. Checkout the SLR Senor cleaning tip and lens changing tips.Must Read Before buy a new cameraLeave comment as which is your fav camera. continue reading

Acceptance Ratio Improving

I have to admit that my acceptance ratio hit a low of 40%.It was around that point that I decided to purchase a new camera.I am happy to report that since I started shooting with the new Canon 40d that my acceptance ratio has been improving nicely.Now up to 46% and rising on every image that I submit.Here is my latest accepted image.Over the years, every time that I upgrade to a new camera, I realize how much of an improvement the new camera was.Here is a short... continue reading

Still using film

I got my first SlR camera about 17 years ago,That was a very cheap tool,made in china.But I very like it.For these years,I have used many camera,Nikon FM2,Nikon F100,Canon Eos5,Eos1N ,etc.2001,I got my first digitalcamera,The Nikon 995. 2005,my first DSLR,Nikon D70s. Digital camera is very convenience,But today,I also like take pictures with the film camera.I like use the Nikon F100,and Kodak 100VS slide film. I think take the picture with film was better than digital.Because,when you take photos... continue reading

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