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WOW! Assignment

Hello everybody,Until now I have participated only once in a DT contest , with a single image (didn't win).This time i feel more inspired and i have two images on this wow assignment contest. I hope i will have more inspiration to do a few more pictures on this topic by the end of the contest.Tell me what you think so far:   and    continue reading

Splash Photography — How To Shoot A Splash Scene

Splash photography is challenging and a lot of fun. The reason – it requires some precise coordination, the results are wonderful and you are going to have a lot of fun practicing some coordination with your assistant while witnessing some funny moments. Let’s get started with this fun e-workshop.Items Required For Splash PhotographyYou need 4 white acrylic sheets each of a size of 18 inches, a tripod to mount the camera, a glass, some water or a liquid of your choice, some ice-cubes... continue reading

How to shoot the splash with water

1. Use the “flashlight A” to illuminate the cup penetrate through the “translucency background” from the bottom.2. Use the “flashlight B ” to illuminate the fruit from the 45° angle frontage .3.Use the two“Black masks” to let the cup have a black outline, On both side.4.Use a small aperture -number(eg:f 22 even less), that can have a large-scale depth of field.5.Use shutter release and tripod.6. Manual focusing on the cup’s axes center.7.Try many times.8.Try to frame... continue reading

High speed photography

About one year ago, I came across a website with beautiful images of splashes. I immediately knew I wanted to do this too! However, I was a macro photographer, withy zero experience of studio and/or flash photography. So, I had no idea what I needed, to create these a pictures. Since it took me about a month of intensive research to figure out what I needed (and why I needed it) I thought I share this information with you!First thing you'll need are strobes (continues lights and studio flashes... continue reading

Glad one of my image is in current DT Splash Page

20 days back I saw a comment in my member area, informing me that one of my image is in the splash collection, I wasn't sure what this splash page is all about, after searching in the message board, I came to know that its the image displayed in the homepage of DT website.Since then everyday I used to check the homepage, but I couldn't find my image, but today my friend noticed it and ringed me to inform, I'm glad that I made it to that stage, my next target is Editors Choice. Hope soon I get... continue reading

How To: Photograph Water Drops

This blog post is a description of how I photograph water drops.Of course there is more than one way to do it, but it might be useful for people who have never tried it before.What you'll need-A transparent glass bowl-A ruler or other object you can stick into the water for focusing-A large sheet of colored paper or cloth-A flat surface you can place your bowl on-A small plastic bag-A small pin with which you can make a very small hole in the bag-Some kind of contruction... continue reading


Sometimes I don't have any idea what to shoot. Trying to capture something special is not easy..We need to have some inspirations to take stock photos. Do you agree?A picture suddenly come to my mind..let's shoot something like this. So I bought Corn fakes and milk from the supermarket . Set up tripod, set camera timer, one hand hold a jar of milk and pour it down slowly; focus manualy on the splash.. After few attempts, finally I captured what I want!Here is the photo!Hope you like... continue reading

droplet collisions

Droplet collisions are one of the more difficult but fun types of droplet photography. They are difficult because it takes precise timing to get a controlled collision to occur right in front of your lens, and even better timing to capture your shot at exactly the right moment. The rewards are worth it though. The shapes and images can be spectacular when done properly. here's one sample from my own gallery.To see more visit my web site at continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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