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Do NOT use image stabilization!

No, do not panic if you have it turned on.Image stabilization is a term used for Canon equipment, which is technically stabilization of optical elements inside of a lens to reduce vibration caused by hand movements or vibrations of small magnitude.Getting back to the title, ask yourself, do you just turn the stabilizer on and forget about it? Do not!Here are some situations you should put IS to "off" to get sharper photos. The following points, if not followed, may still give you sharp photos... continue reading

Switch off IS when using a tripod - but WHY?

I think many of you must wonder why you should switch off Image stabilization (IS) when using a tripod? IS was meant to suppress vibrations right? And using it on a tripod might get you really, really sharp pictures?So here is the secret behind it:Your camera has two types of IS. Digital and optical. Digital IS is something like digital zoom in the way it affects images. It isn't as good as the true, mechanical IS (which uses lenses). There are various ways of implementing digital IS. The... continue reading

Macro Stabilization Tips

The American Toad - Bufo americanus is a quite common species in the Midwest. This charming looking fellow happened to be the cream of the crop, magnificent eyes and very willing to work with me. On this particular day, when this photo was taken, I came upon something I had never witnessed before. The flood waters of the Vermilion River had retracted leaving the lowlands covered with shallow pools. It was early morning and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was actually not dreaming about the hundreds... continue reading

Why zooms rock (Part 2)

A while ago, I did a blog on prime lenses and their strengths - but there is still a case for zooms:1. When you can't move or can't get closer!People often refer to 'sneaker zoom' with prime lenses - meaning they walk closer or further to adjust framing.That is great if you have the option, but try moving a little closer when standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon - or even getting closer to get a photo at the kid's Christmas concert.2. To keep the camera sealed.In bad weather or... continue reading

Image stabilization or Vibration Reduction vs Large Aperture lenses

The question always arises in a lot of camera and equipment forums ...Should I buy a lens with Image Stabilization (IS) or Vibration Reduction (VR) or buy lenses with larger apertures like F2.8?Of course the best answer is buy a lens with both but what if you can only afford one or the other.You will likely see most people would say go for the large apertures because IS/VR doesn't prevent motion blur.And they are 100% correct about that.But what I also hear from most people that... continue reading

Image Stablilization for lenses

Image stabilization in lenses does really work!Sensors in the lens move a set of elements in the lens to compensate for shaking on the photographer's part.If you look through Canon and Nikon's lens lineup, you'll notice that most IS or VR lenses are telephoto.There are some exceptions, notably Canon's 17-55mm f/2.8 EF-S lens, 18-55mm and Nikon's 18-55, but otherwise the telephoto (> 60mm or so) is the typical recipient of a shake reduction module.Of course, other brands include the sensor... continue reading

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