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Get to know how to grow organically

Lettuce greens are so easy to grow, so nutritious, and so delicious picked fresh from the garden, that's why everyone should try to grow it. With regular watering and shade from the heat and sun you can successfully grow lettuce almost all year round. here are some of my images of lettuce grown in a hydroponic system.       continue reading

How to be Czech in 10 easy steps

Is it true? What do you mean? revisited from © Ricky Yates :-Dfollow on few months ago, a British friend who has lived in Germany for many years, alerted me to this online article entitled, ‘How to be German in 20 easy steps’. It is written by a British man who is obviously trying to become accepted in the country in which he is now resident. The article had both Sybille and I in stitches :-) But ever since reading it, I have been... continue reading


I know there are lots of photographers out there like me who worked very hard to take a shot and loved it the most. But when reviewed it on their laptop or PC before submission to the site, felt lack of DETAILS in that shot and went into frustration over the result of hard work. As most of the photographers don't know the exact method to increase the Details by Sharpening the images so that it does not produce unnecessary noise and other unwanted things due to the sharpness. Because sharpening to... continue reading

Five Simple Steps to Better Photography

I read this useful article and I want to share it with you...1) Sharpness: In order to ensure your images are sharp, make sure you know how to focus your camera.Digital cameras with auto focus are often difficult to focus precisely, especially when shooting small objects.Read your owner's manual and be sure you understand how your camera's auto focus operates. Most digital cameras are designed to easily focus on large objects but have difficulty on small subjects. It is often useful to... continue reading

boosted my creativity with motivation

Hello, I am an illustrator, sculptor, animator and independent short films author. I always been into the photography field due to my many art interests and at present I enjoy the challenge of being part of this "micro stock world".I'm grateful for the opportunity to experiment new way to express myself and I like to submit images and receive feed-back from Dreamstime,it is helping and motivating me in producing better artworks.Because I found is really important to commit Yourself to Developing... continue reading

Finally 600

Today,like few minutes ago,has finally reached the 600 sales here.The next step will be to exceed the uploads...maybe not this month,but hope during the next one!Thank you all continue reading

First Milestone of 2011

My first milestone of 2011, and it's just a small one - 50 images online!Hoping to get 100 online this year, get a level 2 image (or two), reach $100 of earnings - lots of little steps, getting there slowly but surely. continue reading

Second level!

Today I celebrate: for the first time a picture of me is passed level!!!! I have at least eight other waiting ... continue reading

10 Steps To Getting Started In The Microstock Industry

I've been going over and over these in the last week, chopping and changing but I think I've narrowed it down to ten.Bearing in mind I'm no pro in this field just yet, these are the steps I took in order to get myself in a position where I feel confident to start taking big steps into the microstock world.1. Organisation - Key to becoming a success in microstock is organising yourself suitably to make the absolute most of your time.This is the step I have struggled with since I first decided... continue reading

Early Steps for Successful Proposal

I am trying to learn from my experience with my clients, as much as I can, but even so, surprises happen & will continue to happen!But with some preparations we can make the negative impact less harmful, or we can make our reaction more flexible & faster!Here are some tips that I would like to share with you:1- Try to know what do your client prefer as colors materials!If your client is the kind of mixing between his likes & business, ask him/her about his favorite colors, football team... continue reading

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