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100 images online, what a journey :)

Today I signed in to my profile and here it was looking at me ... "magical 100" in the uploads. That has made my day to finally cross to three digit number. Also image which pushed me over the top has symbolic 2013 (New Year illustration), so I take it as a good sign for me to carry on in the stock photography.What a journey, since becoming member last year. I know, still a newbie, a bit slow .... hey but learning :)I've heard about stock a few years ago, since then I've been sometimes remembering... continue reading

To be free or not

Well being a newbie with stock I have often wondered why on earth would you want to make some images available as free when you are to make money.Let's be honest, you travel to a spot to get that specific landscape shot that you just know will work. It is travelling costs and takes patience for that right moment.Why on earth would you want to make it free?Go and browse the free images section and have a look at some of the truly fantastic images that for some reason did not make it into the... continue reading

Earnings Analysis - Which photos have the most potential

Remember back in high school when the seniors voted for most popular and most likely to succeed?Where are they now right?The most popular has been married four times and the most likely to succeed works at the supermarket bagging groceries.But that nerdy kid everyone picked on started his own Internet company and is married to a supermodel.You never can tell what the future may bring.Looking at my earning recently I was struck by how little my most popular image has made.This background... continue reading

Adobe Lightroom

For those trying to decide whether or not Lightroom 3 should be part of your stock photography workflow, do not bother.Not that Lightroom 3 is not a great product created for photographesr, rather than designers workflow for cataloging, developing and exporting digital photos, its just thatthe latest version of Lightroom, Lightroom 4 is released tomorrow!The new Lightroom promises to have improvements in hightlight and shadow recovery for more dynamic range as well as photo book creation,... continue reading

Thank you DT // NEW (P-EL) SALE !

I have extended (P-EL) sale of this file:50 credits($25.93)Total earnings for this file : $31.45(5 sales)Yes revenue is good for this sales, but i'm exclusive :)Thanks to buyer and Dreamstime! continue reading

$104 in 16 days! :)

February is going to be a great month!!! Already $94 for February and its just half way down this month! I collected my 5th payment yesterday in 7.5 months of uploading images. Last payment was on January 29 so it took me 16 days to get to $100. I only have 250 images online so I am really pleased with the results! :) I really love Dreamstime!!! This motivates me so much more to get more images online!It is defiantly still possible to get into stock! I have read articles that said if you want... continue reading

New application for android phones to check earnings

There is a new application for android phones, devices and tablets to check your earnings in Dreamstime and 28 more agencies in your devices.... thats amazing.You can check in mobile:​microstock_report.htmlJust go and search Microstock Report in the search and youll see this application. Its very amazing for us that are photographers. We can see all of our new earnings live on our mobile. continue reading

My first tutorial about creating stock images

Hello all!I just started a series of tutorials showing how i created some of my photos.Maybe you will find interesting to know how to combine several images to create one photo ready to be sold online.I must admit is not a complete tutorial but,let me know what you think about it.This is the image created in my first tutorial.Hope you like it and please,once again leave me some feedback to know if i continue this series or not.Thank you all in advanceThis is the link to the video:Video tutorial continue reading

2 Milestones at the same time! 200 uploads, $100.00

Five months into Microstock at Dreamstime, I hit two milestones on the same night with this photo. Next milestone .... a level 2 image. One thing I like about Dreamstime and microstock is that I don't know where I will end up, but there is always that next goal and milestone right around the corner. continue reading

Study, think, plan, shoot - Mangostock's tips for photographers

Mangostock/Mauricio Jordan De Souza Coelho joined our community in 2008 and his is perhaps one of the best examples of the rigorous, disciplined, self-taught photographer whose great portfolio is the result of both talent and hard work. Very much like an assiduous researcher, he confesses having spent a great deal of time to study the stock industry and trends before actually shooting. We believe this prep period has served its purpose. Mauricio's view is a bird's eye view on the whole image production... continue reading

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