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Storage Options

Hi Everyone,I am in the market for a new storage device.I have a Network Attached Storage Device that I was very happy with until it became about two thirds full, then it became unreliable.I liked the Network Attached Storage solution because it was very convenient to be able to access my photos from anywhere, as long as I had a network collection.I would take my laptop to the family room and while my husband was watching Television, I would add metadata to my images using our wireless network.... continue reading

700 Reasons for backing up your computer.

It happened again.For the second time over the course of many, many years, I've suffered a hard-drive failure. The poor 500GB drive on my desktop unit, after enduring years of endless spinning and whirring,and for reasons unknown to me, passed on. And with much sadness and horror, having done so, took with it a ton of data to a now invisible and inaccessible land of 010111011000's.The real headache however, is that this drive was my 'photo' drive, and upon it were written tons of photos. Countless... continue reading

Backup Strategies

There are a few certainties in life.Our taxes will go up, we will get old, we will die at some time, and we will lose photos.The last certainty is avoidable, at least if you follow some simple steps.First you need to make a back up plan.There are numerous ways to back up data such as CD-R, DVD-R, thumb drive, external hard drive, and cloud storage.With the costs of external hard drive storage getting cheaper and cheaper it is an attractive alternative to using CD-R and DVD-R storage but... continue reading

Have you backed up your photos lately?

Ok, now that the party is over, the headache has gone and the room has stopped spinning, it’s time to get back to work, Yuk! I mean Yay! If you’re like me and never enforce a New Year’s resolution for longer than the time it takes to think of one, then it’s better to choose a really easy one, like backing up your images. I have my stuff stored on a very dodgy laptop and hopefully a not so dodgy external hard drive.Sometimes I'm busy or procrastinate and put off doing backups, but it's... continue reading

Make your own camera gear backpack

I do alot of hiking daytrips with my camera gear, so I was in the market for one of those camera packs that has a compartment for camera gear plus a compartment for hiking gear.Well after looking for awhile I never found anything that quite met my needs as the hiking gear compartments were too small, the pack was expensive, and the shoulder and waist straps were too minimal for proper comfort.So my solution was to modify an regular hiking daypack to suit my needs.First, I bought a 55litre small... continue reading

Drobo storage

Pat Ballard inspired me to write this. Read her blog entry first.Archiving our work is a constant struggle. I do agree. I myself burn DVD's, have Seagate's Free Agent which is mirroring my main drive. So, theoretically, I have my images in 3 places. Not bad? Well, I think not good enough.DVDs and CDs age. You keep them in a box, when you want to recover data from them, they can turn out to be unreadable.Your main hard drive is the most likely to fail, when your system crashes.OK, you still... continue reading

How Far Do We Need to Take Backing Up?

After I wrote my original blog on archival CDs and DVDs, a friend on another site wrote that it's possible for even these two forms of back up to fail at the same time. It's a remote possibility, but it can happen. He suggested online storage as another form of backup. While this sounds great in theory, and I'm sure that the best online storage sites will ba around for most of our careers as photographers, and designers; it has it's problems, too. I have heard of sites failing and photographers losing... continue reading

Archival CDs and DVDs

This blog is for everyone who is so busy producing work that they don't always have the time to stay caught up on the technical side of digital imaging and photography.During a workshop that I took last week, the topic of long term media storage came up. I had totally missed the introduction of archival CDs and DVDs. I knew that regular discs didn't last forever and had planned to sort and re-burn my early work. This is not good enough, my teacher feels that we need to save to an external hard... continue reading


One of the sites offering storaging services says that 'eventually all hard disc drives fail'.Sounds serious. What will happen to all our photo files gathered on our computers? What do you do to back them up?Here's what I do:1. Because I shoot in RAW, I create a folder called 'negatives nr xx' - simply because I treat RAW files as kinda digital negatives.2. When the folder reaches 4.7 GB, I burn a DVD.3. I have a portable disc drive called Digimate, 80 GB, so I back the files there as well.... continue reading

Personal Data Libraries

Personal data whats???I am sure many photographers and artists alike have come across the problem about storing their master works.And further it goes to what should you store?Considering a large amount of members shoot their images in RAW, space becomes an issue somewhat quickly.I can personally attest to the fact that going from jpeg to RAW shooting has drastically increased my requirements for space. Filling up a DVD of jpegs was a hard thing to do.So what am i really getting... continue reading

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