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Strange sells

I dont know why but sometimes i upload some photo whit any sense,i mean a picture of some thing or place and even doubt if it will be accepted but finally happens and the most strange thing about it is the selling of this pictures before some other that i really think and planned to be selled. example, one ocational shot selled in 50 credits worked image suscription sale 1.98$ Plan it pic No sales yetSo, no exist anything as the perfect shot, not in terms of technique but... continue reading

What I love about photography

When I go out to take shots of nature, I try to look for the unusual, strange patterns in dirt or sand, the roughness and patterning of bark that has peeled away or wood that has been marked by water or weather and strange bugs. I also look for unusual markings that cause a picture to form however random.I take close ups of unusual patterns and markings and colors, I often find faces or other shapes in random markings or scratches on wood, even rock and I find this fascinating. I often see ladybugs... continue reading

Probably the world's strangest border!!

 Ever seen those famous pictures of a nice café lying just right to the Belgian-Dutch border, noted by a row of crosses? Well this place is no hoax and is located in the Dutch province of North Brabant but is a bit more complicated than simply the "Dutch-Belgian border".So inside the Netherlands there are a few pieces of land that are actually Belgium (exclaves). Most of them are located some 5km from the Belgian border but a few are further inside. They belong to the Belgian Baarle-Hertog... continue reading

Strange pepper!

In my garden flowerpot, long many grotesque pepper, when I see them very curious, then, take cameras took down, here to share them with your friends. continue reading

strange things going on!!

Beingsickequalssales(atleastforme)Ihavejust2photosonDTbutonehassold7times.TwiceinJune20111wheniwasinthehospital.OncehereinMarch2012sinceihadcataractsurgery.Talkaboutastrangetimeforasale.Iknowitmustbecoindence.Anyoneelseouttherehavesale(s)atatimewhenyouwouldn'texpectit?Thisistheimageandthankstothebuyers. continue reading

16 x 61

i have 61st imagea approved today and today is my 16th sell :)61x16 strange :) continue reading

Strange links, has this happened to anybody else?

I was investigating SEO by reading some very good articles in the blogs of the DT community, specifically this articleby Aleksandar Horvat's Blog, which I recommend highly...I did a Google search for one of my imagesTo my surprise, it came up quite high on the Google page, but I didn't recognize the page.While it is nice to see an image of mine floating around in the great morass of Google, can anybody explain, in a little more detail, what are the arrangements?The image... continue reading

I found one of my photos on the web!! And what a strange article!

So I accidentally found one of my stock photos on a website while trying to identify a spider. I did a google image search and....well there it was.But what I found amusing was the article!Take a look! note!And by the way is there a way to know if they are legally using my photo? continue reading


There is something I don't understand.This picture was sold two times. Last time yesterday and the first time three day's ago. Both with 2010 credits and with the same resolution, large. With the last sale the earnings were higher than with the first one. How is that possible? continue reading

Strange things happen around tripods.

I have read many articles & posting on the internet, the latest being another article in DT ~ "Risky shot...", on being forbidden to use tripods in certain areas. I have always thought, how can that be? How can anyone disallow the setting up of tripod for a photo shoot, If photography is not forbidden? If photography is allowed, then why should tripod be disallowed?I found out sooner then later, one of the many reasons, and to my bemused on my first & only encounter with the authority during... continue reading

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