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Ease on down the road

Dear contributors,Still a beginner, yet I feel things are changing.I do not have sales yet on Dreamstime. But Dreamstime is helping me in other ways. So to all other beginners, do not fret if you're selling nothing. Dreamstime can still be of use somehow.I know this guy from the gym - he is a dating coach (how cool is that?!). I asked him a while ago - as I am growing more and more tired of my day time job - how to sell my services as an illustrator? He gave me following advice: "Never... continue reading

Embarking on a rookie's quest

Hello Fellow contributors, designers,I decided to write a short blog to introduce myself. I am someone who has been gifted with good illustration skills and decided, for the first time in my life, to try and make a little coin out of it. While googling I stumbled upon stock illustrations and decided to participate.I do not have a clue yet on how and where to start, but I decided to use 3 strategies:* My illustrations must tell a short and easy to comprehend story* I will ask around within... continue reading

Tips for farm photography

Farms are seen as a dirty place, but through the lens of a camera so much beauty can be captured. As a farmer by day and a photographer by night one thing I can ensure you is that you should be prepared at all times. Prepare yourself and your equipment for dirt and dust, wear old clothes such as "dirty jeans" because for some shots you may need to kneel down in mud,grass etc. Transporting equipment is another issue I have faced and learned that the key is to keep the lens cap on at all times to protect... continue reading

Microstock Photography – The Winning Strategies, part I

Above is a catchy title that most stock photography veterans would raise an eyebrow at. Is there really a winning strategy? Not really. Or maybe there is. It depends largely on your expectations and definition of “winning”. This article has been compiled keeping the new players in mind and “winning” refers to a significant growth in popularity and sales.As can be easily predicted these days, the major part of the strategy is off-camera and online. While your potential clients and opportunities... continue reading

Sales on Dreamstime

Well not long time ago I joined dreamstime, and I was happy as I can be when my first photo was accepted. Since then i have 4 accepted,and i know it is not much. I studied the site and I tried to see what are the most popular photos and which type has a big volume of sales.I soon realized that art has not much to do here and that you must redirect your attention to business, commercial sector, and do product photography.Easy to say hard to do, since it's quite impossible to guess... continue reading

Is the end of microstock near?

Is the end of microstock near? It probably is. The day photographers will not be able to pay for the their computer connection is near and I try to explain why:Agencies database are getting bigger and bigger to compete with each other, if you slow down or do not upload for a while your picture portfolio will be diluted among millions more pictures and you will have fewer and fewer downloadsthe price per download due to subscriptionand competition is going down and down and more serious photographers... continue reading

5Ps of Microstock

When I was studying Marketing in school, the 4Ps were drilled into our brains. Let's go into the world of microstock and apply this.Product - Photography/IllustrationAs contributors, we are the suppliers. So make the product unique and of good quality and buyers will remember. Make them repeat visitors to your portfolio and there is a ready audience for new images in the future.ProductivityUpload regularly. Built up a portfolio of diverse products and thus inviting new potential buyers.... continue reading

Wildlife Photography: Planning Your Strategy

As a wildlife photographer, we typically take pictures of the same animals everyday.It is important to have a plan or strategy for your photographic outings.Let’s assume you have a cooperative bird or animal that you can spend a fair amount of time taking images.Let’s say you are spending a week at a nature park like Yellowstone National Park where the animals are plentiful. You certainly do not want a weeks worth of the same images of the same animal.You want a variety to meet multiple... continue reading

The World (so far) According to Verdelho

This is my first blog post but hopefully not the last.I’ve decided to progress towards exclusivity with Dreamtime.This is after experimenting with several Microstock agencies for the past few months.Why, you might ask?I really don’t want to move into the factory produced type of images.I know that this type of image will sell more consistently.But for me it’s more than turning a dollar, quid, or whatever. My photographic interests are landscapes, architectural and travel photography.... continue reading

Exposure strategry ... some thoughts (qualitty versus artistic)

I too often stuff up photo opportunities by not being prepared in the excitement of a chance to photograph something new, exciting or shiny!If you are quality obsessed then you will likely try and have the lowest ISO, and struggle to accept a hopelessly shallow aperture and an exposure that will be hard to hand hold. Then you iterate through compromising on faster ISO while you watch/realise how your overall quality will plummet. It is comforting that noise artefacts are not as terminal from modern... continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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