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My Story, My Experiences Of One Year

Before I start my story I want to tell my fellow photographers that I am not good in English. Hope you all will forgive me for that.I joined DT on 7/12/2014. Those days I knew nothing about photography and still I am learning, and this is a never ending process. One keeps learning till the day they die.I uploaded a lot of photos after joining but most of them were rejected, yes few selected. This happened again and again. I than started concentrating on the reasons of rejection. There are reasons... continue reading

New member and my first approved assignment submission

Hi Everyone,Very happy to be here,I am just new in DT, very new :)13 uploads and tried the assignment, luckily I have one approved: How encouraging for a new member as me.I will keep my work :) continue reading

My First Submissions to Dreamstime

I think it was a web search that led me to Dreamstime originally, and that was when I first discovered this thing called microstock. I thought, OK, why not sort through all these photos that fill up my hard drive and see what I can add.At first that seemed like a simple idea, but actually it's a lot of time and effort. If your'e like me, you probably have thousands of photos from events, travels, and photos taken simply from the joy of wandering around and capturing life into a still. It takes... continue reading

Dreamstime iPhone app

Do you use it?From time to time I do. I can say, it's pretty good! But unfortunately it has several annoying bugs:1. If you have a call when attributing a photo and then you are back to proceed keywording you will find the photo submitted. And you can't change it then: cancel and resubmit only.    2. You can't pause your submission process (not a bug but a minus).     I would like to have lunch first, then finish the submission process.3. You can't change the attributes of... continue reading

First Submissions

I am very excited to see my first approved submissions in Dreamstime. The feedback is very helpful on those that were refused. I think you'll see my approval ratio rise from here on.There will be more coming soon. I have hundreds.  continue reading

300-s image on-line

Hi, guys!Today reached the number of 300 images on-line in less than 10 months. Unfortunately can't afford spend enough time on photography, but try to invest as much time as possible. Hope, sales will come...Wishing you all Merry Christmas and Inspiration! continue reading

First Assignment

I am so excited, this morning I had a file approved for the most recent assignment!I've submitted to two other assignments in the past, but sadly did not get accepted.Here is my image that was accepted.It had sold once prior to this assignment. continue reading

Dreamstime Submission Rate

Based on numbers assigned to my Dreamstime submissions in a 10-hour period, I have calculated some interesting figures regarding average Dreamstime submission rates:26 submissions per minute1,549 submissions per hour37,174 submissions per day260,215 submissions per week1,130,697 submissions per month13,568,364 submissions per yearThat's one submission every 2.3 seconds! continue reading

Such a long reviewing time!

For some time now it seems that the ETR until my submissions are reviewed keeps growing day by day. The latest images had an ETR of 105 hours yesterday and now are at 115 hours. If the website is so overwhelmed with submissions they should consider hiring some new staff to make the reviewing process a lot faster. On other microstock sites the review process doesn't take more the 24-48 hours and not 1 week from submission! continue reading

Controversial: To Resubmit or Not After a Rejection?

I have seen many DT newcomers with questions and seeking advice. Not to say that I am the best person to bring up this topic, with my 51% acceptance ratio, but DT allows you to resubmit a photo after being rejected for a reason. There are multiple DT reviewers and they definitely are there to help you build your portfolio and succeed.The attach picture was previously rejected. Instead of taking it to heart I resubmitted it. Now with 18 downloads and $60 income, though it is not much of a photo,... continue reading

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