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Reaching 1800 sales finally

 I finally reached thousand height hundred sales last week after full four years of presence in the Dreamstime community.Such a long, long curve of learning and improvement picture after picture. I am still learning to make better and better pictures.Dear buyers, no matter who you are and where you are, I think you a million for your support.All the best for everyone. continue reading

200 Pictures, next step! A little Milestone...

Hi Picture-freaks:Finally:200 Pictures On-line, 5 months of Picture taking and learning.It took some time , hard work and devotion is a must have in this business...But I simply Love it and will not ever stop producing images with my left eye...Picture number 200 talks about devoted climbers, we do not have mountains in this region so a lot of passionate climbers train indoor. I made a little series for Dreamstime and all the pictures are on-line... These are a bunch of Strong people,... continue reading

Rookie on Dreamstime. Finally!

Hi shooters!Finally got my stock pictures accepted by Dreamstime! After a few rejections I finally did it. It's a great motivation to see your photos were accepted.I started shooting a few months ago. Bought old used Nikon D300 with Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4.5 plus I bought Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 which is great and started shooting. Yes you are right, first images were crappy. But it´s great to see that improvement when you shooting everyday with a goal to get on some stock sites. Your vision and technique... continue reading

1 week - 3 milestones

This week was marked by 3 milestones.1. Exclusivity - I applied for this option and now it's done. I'm at the beginning of this road called microstock and I decided to stick with Dreamstime.2. 100 online - In one month (and a few days) I managed to get 100 photos aproved. I never tought that I will do this in only one month.3. First sale(s) - As a beginner my main goal is to build a good portfolio and upload constantly. Sales were on the second place. But having 3 sales in one... continue reading

Great times continue: Wonderful october 2013

The show on goes on. I have wonderful times these days. All countings for october are the best: I have got three new models, soled the most photos (60, among them 23 in the best selling day) and it was accepted the second biggest amount of photos.I just afraid that the good times will end soon O:). continue reading

Successful or not?

I often try to improve myself and upload more and more to make a living out of this business but...we all know that,sometimes we lack:inspiration,time,mood etc..These articles are for those who wondering why there are not successful in this business(including me)and maybe will help to do better in this businessstrugglereasonshelp continue reading

September 2013: Great month on Dreamstime

I used to have great quarter on Dreamstime. I have two new models and thanks that I have lots of new photos - over 500 accepted in the quarter. But the highlight was september. In one month it was accepted 290 photos with acceptance ratio over 290.With this speed of acceptance I have even missed my first 1000 photos milestone :-). continue reading

Succes ?

Does anybody know how to be succesful on Dreamstime? continue reading

Positive perspective

Last week I sold my first PE-L.Nice surprise for me and beside my latest earnings I would not be so pesimistic regarding microstoc future, as I could read recently in some blogs. Of course, the gold time has been probably gone, but further it depends on every photographer- what he / she expects from the cooperation, time he / she can spend with this activity and the ability to do pictures better, more creative, in other words different.At the end of June 2011 I reached my first 100 dollars... continue reading

150 photos online

Hello! I am glad I can say today it has been approved my 15Oth photo:I started nearly 1,5 years ago with zero experience in stock photography. Gradually I learnt how to choose and load photos succesfully so that my approval ratio gets better what was one of my goals for this year. My downloads raise too as I apload more and more pictures and this feature I like very much about DT.Today I have one picture in level 3and it is also an editor's choice. Six photos is in level 2.I also already... continue reading

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