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Hello everyone!I am proud to say that I had my first sale of the photo on Dreamstime website. I want to share my happiness with you, I'm very happy that my efforts are slowly collects the results. This small but very significant sales increases my morale high in the heavens, I continue with the good work and I expect more good results.Look at my images at my portfolio, I hope you will like it:My images on Dreamstime continue reading

MY microstock story

 Hi!After reading some of the blogs here I want to tell you my microstock story, about exploding to 2000€/month then zero microstock income and finally restarting the microstock business again. My name is Amir and I am part of the microstock business since 2007.At the end of 2006 a friend of mine told me about earning 500$ at a microstock agency. Before that, I did never hear about microstock.He was contributing to one of the first micros and was quite successful with about... continue reading

New on Dreamstime

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Sam and I live in Dubai. Love to travel and explore and I have always loved documenting my journeys! Having a big database of pictures I thought that doing something with my photography would be the logical next step and stock photos seemed to be perfect! Full of confidence I started my first upload… and it is harder than I thought! Pictures being rejected for lighting or lens quality had me baffled at first but... continue reading

13 pictures approved for the new greatest assignment of all times !

I'm very happy to be a member of this wonderful Dreamstime community and to have be admitted to the greatest assignment of all times to celebrate 25 million images online !!!I just would like to share with you my happiness to have now 13 pictures approved for this assignment:                                                                                                ... continue reading

One Hundred Sales

Hit 100 sales with this image, from sale number 1 to 100 it took almost exactly four months, selling on Dreamstime is slow but I'm now convinced I'll probably sell every image in my portfolio, it's just a matter of how long it will take.Dreamstime is truly a hobby for me know as I've went from heavy concentration towards stock photography into a professional photography business but I'll never forget where I got my start, Dreamstime!! continue reading

Sales paid for Laptop photographed twice over - its possible!

This image which I have made 212 sales on has generated enough money to pay for the original purchase twice over. Just saying - good luck you people! (May not work with Ferraris) continue reading

A Newbie's Comprehensive Guide: From Camera's to what Sells

Pictured in this article is my 700th accepted image and represents one heck of a journey, one year ago I started my adventure on Dreamstime with lofty goals and high expectations, but there was one problem I had no idea what I was doing and really had no one to ask and there was no "most asked questions" for beginners.My only choice was combing through the multitude of forums for answers, such as what sells?, what type of camera do I need to get started? and what to expect when expecting success... continue reading

Persistence Pays!

I joined Dreamstime in 2009 and submitted many photos for approval.Only 16 were ever accepted as the quality of my photos was never up to standard.So my percentage rating is pretty low as you can imagine.Disappointment after disappointment followed ... but I persisted.I changed cameras on several occasions but still it made no difference.Last month I decided to invest in a new Nikon DSLR which I have to say I am still learning how to use BUT .... having had the opportunity to visit... continue reading

YES! My First Sale :)

Hello everybody!I am so HAPPY:)I had my first sale few days ago.It`s so motivating and fun.I learn something new about photo here every day.*** If you can give me some tips I appreciate it:)I hope you like the picture.   Have a great day! Big hug from me ... continue reading


 Well it's been a very interesting journey I must say and one full of highs and lows. I certainly have to thank Dreamstime, who have helped me develop my photography, providing me with a platform that gets my works seen and sold.It has paid for all of my photography gear and some, 10,000 sales equates to nearly $25,000 In the last few years I have been lucky enough to win my first Dreamstime assignment, national (UK) and international photography awards.These successes... continue reading

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