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Two months of successes

Hello everybody!I would like to share with all of you my full satisfaction for contributing to this amazing photography community!I started up two months ago... on the far 05/09/2014…. and now I’ve got more than 600 approved pictures online !With a very satisfying Acceptance ratio of more than 70% !All selected, post-produced, key-worded, uploaded and approved one by one in so few time.. all by myself, with some help from my boyfriend for informatics matters ;)I’ve not worked... continue reading

Made it to 200 Sales!

I am so very happy, I finally made it to 200 sales!At the beginning I thought this would never happen, but perseverance made it possible. I have to thank Dreamstime for helping me develop as a photographer by sometimes denying a photo that I thought had potential.Questioning made me ask, Why? Why? Why? but as I asked the questions I was developing my skills. My skills have really improved and I am no longer taking photos of Everything! although sometimes when the light strikes something just... continue reading

My 300 image mark is behind me!

Milestones take huge effort and daily perseverance. Today I reached my second one. It seems that the first two may perhaps be the most difficult to achieve. Having confidence in one's ability when the sales are few and far in between sure takes courage.I'm hanging in there and will be pushing forward! I know that it's about the number of quality images uploaded that drives one's success. Thank you all for sharing your personal successes. They encourage me greatly!!This is my 300th image.... continue reading

My development at Dreamstime

When I started at Dreamstime, I thought every times about potential sales. I read different tips many times, which photos I should upload to get high sales and approval ratio. But 4 month ago I decided, that I don’t want take photos without passion. I started taking the photos on my favorite themes (industrial, transportation, planes, trains). I started 2 new collections too (dreams of the sky and industrial and logistic in Russia).I get enjoy with each photo in my portfolio. And my approval... continue reading

My First Assignment

I couldn't wait until I had 50 uploads in my portfolio so that I could try my hand at the assignments. The current assignment is the first I qualified to participate in. I finally found a photo that I thought might be worthy of being accepted to the "all in white" assignment.When I discovered this lonely wooden cross it said so much. I knew I had to shoot it!I climbed a mountain of snow and sunk to my knees to get this shot. Winter is not usually my thing but, it was worth it. This morning... continue reading

I will savour my first assignment acceptance

I am not the first or the last to finally get my first image accepted on an assignment, but WOW what a fantastic feeling, overjoyed.I was letting myself get down with rejections and then I thought besides the images I was submitting what was I doing wrong.Number 1 read and re-read Tangie's new assignment messageas in the latest one "All in White"......what I did was focus on the word white without really reading the request, big mistake. So I uploaded some images which were rejected... continue reading

On the right track

This new year has started off with many things happening for me! I have had 3 sales (one of which was my first non-credit sale!), I recently became exclusive (yay!) and I have been trying out some new photo ideas (which have not exactly panned out the way I had envisioned).With these sales comes a little more self confidence, which is always a wonderful feeling.I have also been testing out some new equipment and new photo ideas, which have not been good for my approval ratio.I will get better... continue reading

Tip to success

TIPS :-Use dslr camera if possible even cheap one is goodYou can upload same image on many stock site but this will give you less price .Try to become exclusivePeople are attractive to people photos try to include peoples in your photosReduce noise by some software like neat imageMost photos are sell to advertiser try to advertise somethingBe creativeAlways look and think to take best shotNever make dreams of earning thousands from stock sites because it hurts when dreams fly... continue reading

1000$ Milestone reached :-)

Today my sales reached the 1000 Dollar milestone. This year gave me a lot of possibilities for my photography: Business trips to Seattle (USA)and Paris (France)as well as a private trip to China - the home country of my wife.Especially in December I had an exceptionalboost of sales: One buyer (I guess it was one buyer) bought nearly ALL my photos from Kunming, China-the home town of my wife - just before Christmas!This photo from the airport Catania in Sicily, Italy, hovered... continue reading

Most viewed doesn´t mean most successful

There is quite big gap among the most viewed images and the most successful ones. My most viewed photo has almost 5000 views and only 1 download. The 4th most viewed with 2700 views has no download.On the other hand the most successful photo has 7 downloads at 438 views. And similar it´s with the next ones.It seems that when you have photo with lots of views and lack of downloads, it will never become one of the most popular. More important is, how quickly can be soled. continue reading

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