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Need help

I wonder if someone could tell me how to add photos to someone's collection?I mean I know how to add photos to my own collection but I can't add photos to other collections. continue reading

Waiting for my first sale

I wonder how much time it takes to get the first sale. Right know I have 10 uploads and 0 sales continue reading

Succes ?

Does anybody know how to be succesful on Dreamstime? continue reading

Milestones - Most productive month in my stock career! 

This month has been great!I have taken a lot of images i many different situations and locations. I have never been this productive in stock before. I guess it pays of to shoot shoot shoot, and learn about your mistakes and rejections. MILESTONE #1I have 56 accepted image this month,and thats feels great. May not sound a lot to all professionals out there. But for me its a quite of a achievement, as i have a busy life working in the security sector. MILESTONE #2I have now passed... continue reading

150th image online

I just had my 150th image accepted and another 30-40 are waiting to be reviewed.Over the last few months, dreamstime has improved the way that I process my images.Feedback that we receive on rejected images is great and I took it and applied it to my processing style.Before, I over-processed a lot of my images (filters, saturation and such).Now I try to do the minimum to make it work for more buyers.Also, first batch that I uploaded, I had few images rejected due to dirt spots... continue reading

The Road to 3,000 Sales

When I first started on this road to Stock Photography I thought it would be an easy transition from Wedding Photography to Stock Photography, but it wasn't as easy as I anticipated. What makes a great Wedding Photograph doesn't necessarily make great Stock Photography.While I started this as a hobby I also wanted to make it a successful adventure. So I wanted to find a balance between what I love to photograph and what sells good as Stock. And what I found is that I could photograph things... continue reading

Yeah Digitally Imported used my file!

Hello i just want to share Digitally Imported online radio used my file.This is success for me!Digitally Imported continue reading

My Formula for FAST Keywording

Hi everyone,I thought I would share with you a formula that I have come up with that may help some who are struggling with keywording. When I first started with Dreamstime I found keywording to be quite a chore and seemed to take forever. But I then realized what I was doing wrong.I had no order to my keywording of my photographs, I was just typing in words as they came into my head and often ended up typing in the same word three times by the time I had finished. Wow, what a waste of time and... continue reading

A Taste of Success

It is the second assignment I have attempted. The previous one, apocalypse, was really something that I would have loved to get into...but unfortunately I had 50 uploads only when half the month was gone. Then I uploaded two files which were rejected anyway for being too simplistic. It was VERY annoying and discouraging because I had spent 3 days creating that illustration. It was a very detailed one. I just decided I'd not submit to an assignment again till I get 500+ files online. I told myself... continue reading

Stock photography, Hit or Miss

Seems like some people are just cruising through the stock photography with ease, and some people like me are really struggling.Is it difficult for you as well? what are the challenges you go through mentally, physically? how much hours do you spend? how long have you been doing this? continue reading

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