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My first sale

One day in office, My colleague saw me and asked, How much till now you earn from your photography? I was taken awake by the question as i was not expecting any money from my hobby, I was thinking who will buy my photographs where there are 1000 times better photographers. Then he told me you should upload some photographs on Dreamstime and try your luck as you have already posted around 600 photographs on other site and not earning a single dime. I took his advise and joined DT on 16th July and exactly... continue reading

A useful suggestion for your business

If you use social networks to promote your images, I suggest you an interesting site.This site is a list of hashtags usable in various areas.I found this site searching for something similar in the web, and I find it very interesting, so I want to suggest it to you.The operation is simple: go to the site, where NOT to pay anything, choose the list of tags best suited to your image, selecting and copy them in the comments of your image and the game is done.The site is this one!G.E.... continue reading

Vectorize a bitmap.

As illustrator I ask myself on how to maintain the freshness of the images that I create manually.Often it is not easy because when I vectorize a bitmap I always find a myriad of nodes that .... I do not want!The software I use, inkscape, has this problem: for each bitmap vectorized it finds, because of its excessive sensitivity, too many nodes.This was a big problem because, honestly said, it made ​​me lose the will to make images manually ("If I have to lose hours to eliminate unnecessary... continue reading

Font: OFL is better.

This is an important post for all illustrator or photographers, and I decided to write it because I think it's important to know what I'll write.It is not uncommon to use the font when we create images.Usually we use fonts that are on our PC, and this is something "easy" because you may think, are fonts that everyone has on their PC.But if not? What would happen? Simple: the picture may have some minor difficulties to be sold.No fear: the problem can be solved with the... continue reading

My first work approved!!!

Finally they agreed to a photo.It was hard, they rejected the first 15 photos. The problem is that I am still inexperienced and the subject of this photo is not the nicest.I had posted photos more beautiful than this, but with serious problems of noise and disturbance.Can you check, comment and suggest how I can improve?Thanks continue reading

Free Ideas

As the title suggests, I'd like to share several ideas that I haven't been able to realize for some time :) I'm really interested to see if other illustrator or photographer would make it differently from what I have in mind about the idea. So if any of you choose to make something out from these ideas, please let me know so I can see it :) Cheers!Claustrophobia:Claustrophobic chick inside an unhatched egg.Enjoying Music:Three black ugly rats enjoying music from ONE headphone.The Deal:... continue reading

Suggestion to DT and Dreamstimers

Dreamstime is my first microstock agency and I do love the interface and algorithm, if I need to pick one microstock site to support, it probably is DT.That's why I have suggestions to DT.The suggestion is, let's meet, Dreamtime please meet your dreamstimer, let's have some activities, that will make us more a community, if we can see an expert in DT to meet us, say, an lesson to teach us how to do well in DT, that will be a fantastic new year gift to us, and that will be defenitely do good... continue reading

I feel good..

It really feel good when my picture was appeared on the DT login page. :)For example, if you type internet business and press search button and then logout. then go to login page. You will see my 4 pictures on the login page..Here show you one of them:can you find other three?You can try for yourself, see your pictures whether appear on the login pageJust a suggestion:After typing the keyword, the images will change accordingly beforepressing the search button.... continue reading

Setting My first Goal ...

Hi Folks,I joined DT about 4 months ago. I got the DP virus about 10 years ago but went to DSLR very recently ... and I'm addicted now.Thanks to hard work and learning basic skills I managed to become an exclusive photographer.My next goal is to get 100 pictures online and at least 1 in level 2...we'll see :)NB : I think that as an exclusive photographer, in order to bring more people in, DT should give 2/3 free credits to the people we refer, to make them enroll and make a... continue reading

International woman's day

The eighth of March is International Woman's Day (commonly called "Women's Day").Are you searching for an image for this event? Are you searching for an image that has as its main theme the mimosa? Here is a selection from my portfolio! :-)I hope not to be late with these suggestions and I hope to be helpful :-)Soon, G.E. continue reading

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