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Where did the summer go?

So it's August already... It seems the summer gets shorter every year. When I was young, summer seemed to take up almost half the year from everything we did, growing up on an island on the Swedish west coast. This year I haven't even had time to visit said island yet, but it's coming ;)Despite spending half the summer in less that stellar health, I would never call it wasted though. I've brought up a small pup into a large pup, my old dog passed his yearly exam to remain a medical alert assistance... continue reading

26 photos online

It's summer, time for delicious strawberries ofprivategarden. Role after the pick even a thick Strawberry in a pot with sugar. That is pure enjoyment!I have all these things combined in my photo studio. The result is a serie of 6 photos. And since today they are all online.Summer is a time of fruits and enjoy. Also for photographers. Enjoy this summer!  continue reading

Worst timing ever

Here we are, middle of the summer and my social circles are just bursting with pups everywhere. On top of this we have one of the warmest summers in ages, with just enough clouds to give an interesting background as well as blur the light very now and then. So what do I do in all of this? I lie at home knocked out completely. Such a perfect time for my health to be unhealthy...I've barely been able to leave the house and lawn for two weeks, with great inconvenience for my dogs I might add... But... continue reading

It's summer time - time for some rest!

I’m not a successfull stock seller yet, but I actually am very good at making movies from archive family video shootings.And at the beginning of the vacation season I have some, hope, useful tips for your family summer time with video equipment:-It’s very difficult to save all crazy and lovely moments, especially when it’s about small children, that are always in motion. Try to choose moments, as like you do static photography. Don’t do abrupt panoramas without a tripod, don... continue reading

China's famous tourist spots

This is China famous royal garden, is a former China supreme ruler of the garden, open to the people to visit a year later.Here China and foreign tourists a lot, now is the time where the most beautiful, there are a large number of visitors, this picture of my is here with a classic, if you are interested in China so, here is the place had to go, because it is very famous, you can take my picture here to have a look the beauty of it.You can download it as your desktop, or introduce to your... continue reading

Wildlife Photography and how to make best of it

Summer is coming. As part of the season, wildlife photography is a must at least for me. At many other out there, who might be actually consider going into wildlife and taking pictures or animals around them.This might not be as easy as many people think, how ever. Sometimes wildlife photography can be a challenge. In this article, I aim to explain how to make the best of the wildlife photography, even with entry-level camera.First of all - check the weather forecast. In case there is even... continue reading

Spring time - Get your camera out!

Finally the spring is here!Everything comes to life, the nature, flowers, and even the people. You see all the cafes filled to the brim with people, sitting outside in the sun having their favorite drink.I love the spring and summer, i feel much more motivated to shoot images this time of year. The light is perfect, especially the evening sun, "the golden hour" as its known to photographers, thats my favorite.If you are new to photography trying getting out there in the "golden hour" and... continue reading

So hot in the summer!

So hot in this summer, for some reason, many places have reached more than 40 degrees Celsius! Haven't seen this kind of weather for many years, I do not know what reason be? Whether global warming? Human caused by the destruction of the earth's environment? continue reading

Too hot !!

This year, in Europe there is a terrible heat. African peace in many Member States residents do not give a temperature from the Mediterranean deep into the continent. Anyone who needs to work and spend leisure time in is very hard. Heated walls of concrete and steel buildings do not give peace of mind. The only solution to this problem is air conditioning.Good luck to those who can swim in their own pool, unfortunately I do not have just as much luck.But I have something else, of which... continue reading

Summer fun

Recently I picked up a used telephoto zoom for my Olympus OM-D.The zoom is designed for the older four thirds dSLR mounts, and as a result doesn't really work very well for Autofocus (until someone releases a micro four thirds phase detect AF sensor).However, the OM-D body does offer a very usable magnification assist for manual focus.I found it quite easy to use, and was able to get some shots of the kids boogie boarding on our summer holiday.My technique was to be a bit predictive,... continue reading

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