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Model Behavior: Getting Great Results with Professional and Aspiring Talent

Our stock photography business at Creatista Films, Video and Photography is largely built around creating excellent images of people. In fifteen years of working with a spectrum of models, and over 15,000 of Scott Griessel's images online at Dreamstime, we've learned a few things that have become mantras for our work.+ Expressive Beats Pretty.We often work with real people who show an aptitude for effectively communicating an idea or emotion. We've built a small stable of... continue reading

Photography and Design

Photography is an art of representation of an object in the form of image by recording light or image sensor. It is the reflection of any particular entity. In this modern era learning and practicing photography is a craft and a profession. It showcases the artistic and creative nature of the individual. It is understandable that the photographer’s artistic quality and his/her choices are manifested by the photo he graphed in any form. Some people might ponder and rethink multifariously.But... continue reading

1001 Images!

1001 imagesIt’s been 3 years, and my goal was to have 1000 images in 12 months! It’s not as easy as you’d think! But being a stock photographer/vector artist has taught me so much! It’s forced me to expand my talents, look for new things, explore new ideas and be just a little more bold. It also showed me what not to do (there are enough flowers and squirrels out there, thank you very much) - and enabled me to tap the creativity I was born with. These days, I only submit the best of... continue reading

More Images Accepted

HelloJust a quickie to say that I've had a few more images accepted onto Dreamstime, so well onto my target of 100 online.I know rejections are a pain, but without them we could miss out on doing our very best work.I do appreciated that the whole aspect of photography is quite a learning curve, especially for this old girl, but at the same time I'm loving every minute of it.Just one more thing I'm absolutely staggered at the talent of the artists on DT, and to say how inspiring it is... continue reading

New photo sessions with talented models

I was working with a talented model a while ago. I will upload some of the photos from our second photo shoot later.Recently I took pictures of my former classmates. That's funny. continue reading

Getting Creative back

Some people have a natural talent, and some have to work hard to achieve results.Not just in photography........Example: When I was young, my 3 older sisters and I all had piano lessons. We played all that was taught to us, we played reasonably well, and that was as far as it went. My younger brother eventually took the same piano lessons, and he would come home and practice, "Not what he had learnt", but what he FELT. He would go off into his own little world & create his own style of music.... continue reading

Everyone Thinks They're The Best At What They Do...

A question has weighed on my mind due to recent events in my personal life. And the question is this: If someone with less talent but who has 2+ years of photography classes under their belt really any better than someone who has more talent but no education in photography (aside from experience, let's say they both have the same amount of experience, just for argument's sake)? People who know me personally know why my answer is what it is. But I'm curious as to what everyone's opinion is. Does talent... continue reading

Amateur Photographer

I consider myself an amateur photographer since I don't have a degree in Photography,and have only taken one beginners photography course several years ago, while in High School.I think that having no formal photographic qualifications can be a drawback, but sites like Dreamstime have made it possible for amateur photographers to be featured alongside professionals.It I think that one of the main differences between amateur and professional photographers is the equipment, since professionals... continue reading

Making the best out of your talent

Talent.A very simple word that can mean so much. Everyone got it, but not everyone knows how to truly get in touch with it, how to expand it, how to use it. There's no simple answer for this, no handbook, i'm simply going to share some things that worked for me, that made me a better artist.1. Experiment.Probably the most important thing there is when it comes to developing is to let loose. You won't be able to find all the depths and layers of your imagination unless you dare to search... continue reading

So. What is an artist?

I realise this has been asked a million times before, but i was wondering.In my own case i cannot draw, paint or produce an image by any 'manual' means known to man (or woman).I do not say this for effect or to elicit protestations of 'oh, you're not that bad' or similar.I really am rubbish.So can you imagine my delight when i discovered that i could create 'art' with a computer?I am finally able to produce something that appeals to me (i believe you should always create artistic work... continue reading

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