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Modelling for beginners

We all tend to compare ourselves. We often do it in pejorative way. Someone is usually better looking, far prettier or just irresistible more attractive. In that gap of lower self-esteem or we can call it not enough believe in oneself, comes the mirror. And in many cases mirrors then become the worst enemy of people. Mirrors are being used to produce the image that is far worse then real one is. But what if we replace the mirror with the eye of photographer.I believe that we live in a world that has... continue reading

What I talk about when I talk about tea

Is Chinese tea your cup of tea? If so, what is your favourite Chinese tea?  Is it white tea - the one that comprises those pale budding leaves of the tea plant that have not been fermented?  Is it green tea - the much lauded tea that is said to be very beneficial to your health and wellness?  Is it oolong tea (aka wulong tea) - the fragrant partially fermented tea that intoxicates and energises you with every sip?  Or is it black tea - the fully fermented tea that... continue reading

First time Blogging so I'll talk about what I know

This is the first time I ever write a Blog and following the classic advice of Mark Twain - "Write what you know" - I've decided that for my first Blog I will write about the Island that is my home, Puerto Rico.  I’m always fascinated by how little some people know about this island; to the point that many don’t even know that it is U.S. territory but still, no one can deny its natural beauty and variety. The locals are friendly and through the island are attractions for every kind... continue reading

Now, more work and less talk...

I had been waiting impatiently for getting proper equipment. I have been tired of post processing each and every single photo from my compact camera. The only good feature of my compact camera is IS and 840mm lens.So, finally...the much awaited equipment upgrade!I got a Canon EOS 600D with 18-55mm IS lens and 55-250mm IS lens.On the cropped sensor, 24mm to 400mm. What more would I want? I shot 600+ photos in a day and most are certainly worth uploading and would sell sooner or later.... continue reading

Photos talk about ourselves!

As I`m looking through different portfolios on this site I begin to realize more and more that the words from my title are true!I`m not talking here about those people who do this for a job, the professional photographers, or painters! I`m talking about the people which are just discovering the world of always can find their souls in almost every photo that they take.Watching at me and at my photos I realize now that anyone can figure out what kind of life I`m living, or in what... continue reading

Let's talk about Taoism in China

Taoism is the only local religion in China. It had been established more than 2500 years ago, the originator named LaoZi.LaoZi is a very famous ideologist in china, the spirit of Taoism was still effecting every person's life.Taoism spirit mainly stress the relationship between person and nature, and the theory of YinYang was indeed used in Chinese traditonal medicine.Let't take a instance to explain the spirit of Taoism. There was a story. Long Long ago, a king went to hunt, unfortunately... continue reading

Lets talk about summer vacation

Hello everybody!!!!!!I want to discuss your summer vacation and summer free time.Its very interesting to now about your travelling and emotions of new places. What best photos you had make?I think that touristic places is not very popular on a stock. But as for me I like photos with landscapes and beautiful views.What do you think about it? continue reading

Things can speak 1. Repetition and rhythm.

How about the things can talk to you or to each other? No, they can't? Incorrect. Things surely can talk. They even can speak in many languages. The first one I am going to write about is called "Repetition and rhythm". What is it?When we have some ordinary object, we usually see just a piece of known and useful (or useless, actually doesn't matter) stuff*. But what if we got two objects? Than we can see a connection between them. They do talk! This is a very new matter, which is not related to... continue reading

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