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The bitter-sweet taste of disappointment

Let me tell you a story from when I was a kid.It was on the eve of Easter, and I was coming back from my aunt carrying an object never seen before by my child eyes: a turkey egg.She had boiled it and painted it especially for me to knock eggs with classmates when I went to school, as it's customary in our Christian Orthodox tradition.I'm sure you know how a turkey egg looks like, but I'll remind you just to make sure you understand better what that egg meant to me: it's twice... continue reading

Do you like pizza?

Goodbye to everyone, yesterday I shot these photos at a pizza show, in italy we are also able to do a championship to satisfy the best pizzaioloDo you like pizza and And what are your favorite tastes?Virtually I can offer itMany hugs    continue reading

Taste of fall

In half the world, fall has arrived, with its brilliant colors, crisp scents and last hurrah of the growing season. Sooooo, I have started a collection of fall photos and need images!http://www of fall is not a food collection, its a collection of seasonal fall images and I need images to add to it. (although some fall foods would be good) who has some great fall photos? hit me up!     continue reading

A Taste of Success

It is the second assignment I have attempted. The previous one, apocalypse, was really something that I would have loved to get into...but unfortunately I had 50 uploads only when half the month was gone. Then I uploaded two files which were rejected anyway for being too simplistic. It was VERY annoying and discouraging because I had spent 3 days creating that illustration. It was a very detailed one. I just decided I'd not submit to an assignment again till I get 500+ files online. I told myself... continue reading

Photo with the taste of Jordan :)

Previous year I had a happy chance to visit Jordan. You know Its something amazing! For the first, desert… It’s expanses cast a spell over. You never can imagine which it will appear in front of you with every turn of you head.It is different – sandy or mountain, with tulips in blossom and the main – with the taste of freedom. Dead Sea envelops not only the body, but all your minds. It not only useful… it’s beautiful!Here is the Jordan with its nature, traditions, history. It allured... continue reading

Turkish tea

If you ever visited Turkey, I bet you have witnessed this scene somewhere.Tea in a traditional glass is almost available everywhere and it is offered for free usually as a hospitality.Thanks to my gorgeous model, this image is the first one in DT which reached its second saleand I wanted to share it with you.Thank you very much for reading continue reading

Little psychological survey to music

Music as a miracle: Little psychological survey to musicMusic is a very special and specific non-verbal form of communication. It brings information about inner and outer world through unique expressing method. Thanks to this ability may influence, iniciate and re-unit listeners. Through the medium of music are convaied emotional contents (sadness, tiredness, happiness etc.) and also processes and connotations (storm, party, break up etc).When transmitting, music is using the coherence between... continue reading

Will you use the SLR cameras again?

As we all know that the technology of DSLR cameras develop very fast.Many fans of photography just use DSLR cameras at the beginning.But at the same time,many other fans used SLR cameras before.And some of them still use SLR cameras now,like me.If you used the SLR cameras before,you could find that the film have a good taste.It is different form DSLR photos.Although I use the DSLR cameras most the time,I will use my old SLR cameras sometime in the future.Maybe tomorrow.What about you?And if you... continue reading

Taste sense

Photographing taste sense by showing fruits, people tasting some dishes, showing them eating. Taste sense is better shown on photos then on illustrations. I was searching for some that are really not so obvious like this one.Dog is tasting a wooden fence, this dog was of course set up but he is so funny,and this one dog taste buds under microscope really amused me.I found also some illustration simple outline person tasting some dish – soup I supposeand photo of spaghetti on fork look... continue reading

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