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10 Tips for Travel Photographers

I've been lucky enough to shooting travel photography for many years. I found photography and travel are the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things. I've compiled a list of 10 basic tips for folks for are interested in building their travel portfolio. Enjoy~1 - LOOK AROUND. Winning travel photography shots don’t have to be in exclusive exotic locations. You’re on part of the world is a travel location to others. Think about landmarks, historical sites and natural... continue reading

Ten a day

I am pleased to say I have reached a milestone of 2,611 images on dreamstime, and as many of us know, it is not easy! We may have the best of intentions, be the best photographer, work hard, chain ourselves to the computer,but so many of us also have family and other jobs and duties to attend to.So besides taking the photos in the first place, we then have to download, sort, run through lightroom, play in photo shop, edit some more, touch up, upload, check at 100% for focus, then keyword! PHEW!... continue reading

Double Digit Milestone

While to a lot of contributors on here, 10 photographs is nothing but a days work, to me its a big triumph. It shows that I've got something to be proud of, but also that I can definitely improve. The acceptances are becoming more frequent with the new camera upgrade (from a simple, yet effective, point and shoot; to my first DSLR), and I'm absolutely just ruing the fact that I didn't have this camera with me in all my previous travels. Thankfully I have one more year living in Europe and I'm bringing... continue reading

10 sales

Finally, ten sales! This is the picture.  continue reading

Obligatory "10th Sale" Post

     Excited to have my 10th sale, first as an exclusive photographer.I know it's still nothing to the more accomplished Dreamstimers but I'm working on it!What's extra nice was this was taken in my hometown of Vancouver, BC during a beautiful New Year's Day hike to start off 2015.It's nice to share the beauty of Vancouver and to know someone else enjoys it as well.Thanks buyer! continue reading

Top 10 most downloaded Halloween images in 2014

Halloween, horror, costume, pumpkin, make up – they are probably the most used keywords that buyers have searched on Dreamstime for Halloween this year.And here we are, making a top ten list of the most downloaded Halloween images in 2014 on Dreamstime.The Pumpkin - the one and only.       This Jack-o'-lantern with its devilish look is waiting for you in the middle of the forest. If you feel like walking in the woods on an October night, be careful who's gonna light... continue reading

First 10 sales!

Nothing solves a dearth of ideas like an increase in sales! The best motivation is undeniably appreciation.Since I moved to Los Angeles about 2 months ago I have been establishing monthly goals to overcome in terms of portfolio expansion, and so far I have been doing pretty good achieving my set of goals ahead of time. Although lately I have not devoted as much time for my camera as I would like to, or mostly just making excuses not to shoot due to the lack of inspiration. However, having made... continue reading


 Well it's been a very interesting journey I must say and one full of highs and lows. I certainly have to thank Dreamstime, who have helped me develop my photography, providing me with a platform that gets my works seen and sold.It has paid for all of my photography gear and some, 10,000 sales equates to nearly $25,000 In the last few years I have been lucky enough to win my first Dreamstime assignment, national (UK) and international photography awards.These successes... continue reading

10 Tips for Beginners (Like Me)

These are just a few tips I've found have been very helpful for me over the last year as I learned and continue to learn, what drastically helps me get the end result I want.1. Don't go crazy buying the most expensive equipment right away.I used a mediocre DSLR for the last two years, I took the time to really figure out how it worked, what features I wished I had, and which I basically didn't care about.Once I felt I had a good handle on what I really wanted, I made the jump to much more... continue reading

Ten uploaded, nine was approved

After first, approx. 32 approved "studio" shots I start to uploading outdoor photos.My accepted ratio for this outside shots was very poor. After one monthwhen I upload ten photos suddenly nine was approved.I think that Ifound the way what kind of photo DT need, approved.Here is some shots. continue reading

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