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Media credentials tips and terms

If you're thinking of giving photojournalism a try, I say go ahead and do it!Some of the benefits to covering an event as a credentialed photographer include being allowed to even have a camera at events where the general public may not be able to bring one in, being invited into press only sessions where you can get closer to the subject for better pictures, and getting into events free that others have to pay for-always nice considering how much (or little?) many of us make in stock photography.... continue reading

A to Z of Stock Photography Terms

Starting out in photography, one can quickly become overwhelmed with the terminology.Photographers use their vernacular as comfortably as a first language, but for someone starting out, especially when starting in the world of stock photography, they may as well be speaking Klingon. To help the newcomers to Stock Photography, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly used terms in a handy reference guide.Aberration – An imperfection like chromatic aberration, which shows itself... continue reading

Updates to Pinterest Terms

Pinterest is a new and quickly evolving entity.Basically an infant social networking site trying to find its place in the world.One of its biggest challenges is dealing with copyright issues and finding a way to make money.Currently it is making money via affiliate links.For example if you post a photo of the Nikon D800 under your "I gotta have" board, Pinterest adds a link to and if someone buys it via the link, they make a commission.Recently Pinterest updated their terms... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - Let's Play a Game!

The Practical Keyworder - Let's Play a Game!We talked earlier about how there is no one "correct" way of keywording (The Practical Keyworder - The Mind of the User). There is a wrong way to keyword of course - using lots of irrelevant and spammy keywords is not only wrong, but it hurts the person who is doing it and it hurts the community as well (which will actually hurt an individual contributor's sales - it's a vicious cycle - so don't do it!)But many people believe that using the most... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - did you mean…?

I got a call from an upset customer one day - he had been looking for glamour shots of women's legs for some kind of ad campaign and his search results were coming up with some very strange stuff. Instead of images of female legs, he was getting page after page of baby animals and farm shots! Can you guess why?Yes, exactly! One of his search terms was "calves". And the word 'calves' is what is known as a 'homograph' - a word that is spelled exactly the same as another word with an entirely different... continue reading


Using opposite visual elements is another effective way to emphasize your ideas.OPPOSITEOppositionis about using opposite visual elements to emphasize the idea the photographer wants to express.Opposite elements can happen in form and content.OPPOSITION ADDITION FORM - ZEUGMAThe Addition of Opposition in form is called zeugma.You add opposite visual elements to the image, for instance, the same object in two different times or places.Here, the Eiffel tower in Paris... continue reading

What do I want ?

The Stock gives you what it thinks you want, and you think that you have towantwhat`s on the stock.What you will chose, or what you will publish on the stock, if youforget the terms and conditions, might be something that will be approved, might be something more fresh.Terms and conditions are good things,but thinking at them when you are working might be bad. continue reading

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