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Food for thought - I find it funny

Would like to share a story I come accross few days ago...A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered front door, the host said "I love your pictures, they are wonderfull, you must have a fantastic camera! Photographer said nothing until the dinner was finished, then "That was a wonderfull dinner, you must have a terrific stove" continue reading

First TIFF sale, never thought it would happen

Amazing, I wish I knew the algorythm that they use for increasing file size with no loss of quality, but I am not complaining...I wish I could see how it was used..the full shebang..11 creditsThanks to the buyers and Happy Easter to all... continue reading

Food for Thought

In light of this month's assignment, here are two quotes that I felt were insightful:"We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are." ~ Adelle Davis"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." ~ Albert Einstein continue reading

First Blog to Celebrate 100th Contribution

A milestone, though maybe just a small one, is always something to ponder on gladly. I've been in photography about 5 years, and in graphic design even longer than that, but I've never thought about selling images as microstock (even macrostock). Entering late in a market, especially if not prepared, is challenging to put it mildly.But human potential tends to be increasing when they are faced with great challenges. Not just in photography (or design), but in all aspects in life, we see fellow... continue reading

Meditate with Pictures and Words

Well, this has to be my favorite of all sites now.I love pictures, photography, meditation, thoughts, scriptures, uplifting quotes and books, and more uplifting pictures.I'm not one for a lot of words and ramble on, no time, don't believe it, what can be said in a thousand words can be said in 1 picture!So forgive me if some days I am short on words, some days I may talk (write) forever, but today......Live, Laugh, Loveand come back and visit this blog for some amazing pictures,... continue reading

The Pondering Primate

It is rare that we see any animals just gazing into the distance in deep thought. In fact, most animals we see practically have emotionless faces, their appearances bear almost no emotional appearance that make us empathize with them. Some animals, especially mammals, are exceptions to this. They include cats and dogs, and of course, monkeys.One fine Sunday morning I went to this mangrove beach near my hometown in Muar, Malaysia which is famous for its urban macaques. Of the many excited and agitated... continue reading

do not shoot for peets sake ... unless..

Today I've self criticized myself and my work and realised that if I don't follow the following rules my images will be rejected or unsold. no use having a portfolio full of wonderful landscapes, isolated shots etc if they won't sell!I came up with the following thought .. do not shoot for peets sake ... unless..1- you really have a good subjectif you know it will sell, if you feel it will look good on a cover of a magazine or a billboard and will catch your eye... don't shoot it.... continue reading

Coffee for thought

Sometimes it takes coffee to get my creativity going. It's this weird phenomenon. When I have 1 cup, I feel generally good. If I have 2, then I get this creative urge. When I have 3, I find I get totally over-creative and can't keep my mind to one thought.Espresso seems to spark me straight to the unproductive over-creative spin.Now I'm looking for a coffee regime that'll keep me moderately inspired, without knocking my head or ability to focus to bits. But, alas, I haven't found it. continue reading


Hello DT’s people!I'm experiencing a bad period in love and in family: we often realize too late that the people we have around us are the worst of the world ... but we must carry on and forget the bad words heard against us!At the moment my illustrations are examinated by DT, so I can’t present new works! I take the opportunity to show you some old artwork, maybe some buyer finds something useful for his work, who knows ...I have no other news at the moment but I’m sure... continue reading

Doing research is harder than I thought

Before starting in microstock I have read it a couple of times -- "do your research, man".Sounds quite easy.Just find those things, customers currently are interested in, think about your project, create images, get them online and sell them, right?The main problem is not finding the projects (or having ideas), creating images or getting them online -- even not to match them with customers interests at all.The main problem is, finding the customers needs for each agency individually.... continue reading

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