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How many views?

I've just had my first picture receive 1000 views.This to me was a nice milestone.I think the number of views are important as obviously the more your photos are being looked at the more chance they have of being sold.Although it appears this is not always the case.I guess it all comes down to the title, description and tags.Does your title have to make sense, or is it more important to try and pick words to relate to your picture or work?Do you go back and change the above if its... continue reading

What's in your title and description of your images?

Here's a little guide to read buyers' minds. You've already read the Bible of Keywording. Now you need to know the importance of the title and the description of your images.We all know that stock photography is related to generic topics. And if there are generic topics, there are also generic titles and descriptions. But times are changing and so is the number of uploaded images. There are currently over 21 million images on our site and one million more uploaded each month.... continue reading

Important Image description

The title and description of the picture can being DT approved and selling is very important.The following two pictures are taken at a wedding, but when I upload the "wedding car" no approved later, I direct the name of "daisy" approved.Thus, a clear, concise text descriptions and keywords how important it is. continue reading

New News or Old News in DT?!

So, did you know that if you click on the tilte of a photo, it will let you find similar photos based on the title? Is it public knowledge or did I just discover yet another thing in DT?I can't decide whether it's better (with examples):a- for the title to be so specific that no other competing photos can be found when a buyer clicks the title of the photo:b- to put a general title so that if the buyer clicks the title of a similar photo, you get more chances... continue reading

Tip: Taking Care with the Use of Brandnames

Is that business man really giving a "PowerPoint" or is he giving a slide presentation?Is that woman "Googling" or surfing the Internet? Are those really "Lego" in the photo or some other brand of building bricks?Is your dog wearing a "Speedo" or just a very small swim suit?I think we could all do a better job of recognizing protected brandnames what have creeped into popular culture.For example here are some common abuses of using brandnames instead of the actual object.“AstroTurf... continue reading

contagion is; well, contagious i guess!

Continuing the current theme of images being found in use.One of mine titled 'contagion' has been used to create the cover picture of a book - Introduction to Epidemiology,By Ray M. MerrillIt's both pleasing and interesting that my original title seems to have met the search criteria perfectly for this particular cover designer.At least I got something right there!And for those who like black humour;When I die, I hope it is peacefully, in my sleep, just like my Grandad.... continue reading

Getting IPTC metatags to work

For those who don't know what I'm talking about...IPTC metatags allow you to embed textual information into your jpeg files. You can embed right into your image files the title, description, keywords and even categories in some cases.For those who know, but never used IPTC tags...Specially if you upload to more than one agency, embeding your photo title, description and keywords into jpeg image files is most useful and a huge time saver. Most websites will read it pronto and submission forms... continue reading

No Firefox Automatic Spell Check When Entering Titles

Just a warning to newcomers, I still make this mistake - there is NO automatic Firefox spell check when entering the Title of your picture!I see this all the time when searching the database that another poor soul was caught in a spelling disaster. Unfortunately, no one will find, view or download your photo if the spelling is not correct.Sometimes you get sloppy, rushed or just don't know how to spell the word. A trick I use to make sure I avoid this black hole is write my title in the... continue reading

You might think I'm going for the "DT joker" title ...

A photographer from a well known national magazine was assigned tocover the fires at Yellowstone National Park. The magazine wanted toshow some of the heroic work of the fire fighters as they battledthe blaze.When the photographer arrived, he realized that the smoke was sothick that it would seriously impede or make it impossible for himto photograph anything from ground level. He requested permission torent a plane and take photos from the air. His request was approvedand arrangements... continue reading

The relationship between the image title and the search result

I just do a research on the relationship between the image title and the search result.I have two images online, with same keywords but different title.Building roofRoofIf I search by "building roof", I can find the first image in the second place of first line in first page.But when I search by "roof", I can find the second image in the line 4 of first page.As we know, the image can make more money if it can be found more easy in the search result. So I suggest we can do a... continue reading

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