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What to do if there is no photo camera?

Suppose your camera is broken or the lens or it does not exist at all, like mine. Yes, that's my problem. And in this article I would like to tell you how I solved this problem, maybe someone will need my experience. The first most reasonable option is to ask the camera from a friend, but we are not looking for easy ways, so we will look for another option. The second option is to shoot on a smartphone. Now all smartphones have good cameras, but because of the small matrix, it’s impossible... continue reading

4 Great Locations To Catch A Lake Ontario Sunrise In The Greater Toronto Area

With so many miles of waterfront along Lake Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, you would think it would be easy to stake an early morning spot for sunrise photography. However, without a little planning you could easily be shut out. “No Trespassing – Private Property” is the motto of the region and there are shockingly few spots you can actually set up your camera that aren't fenced off or come with the risk of getting arrested. Not an exhaustive list, what follows are four excellent,... continue reading

Are You in the Mood to Increase Sales?

If you're serious about generating an income through the stock industry, then you need to find ways to increase sales. There are many topics and genres and directions you can go, but one area that needs attention is "EMOTIONS." Almost any type of image will evoke some type of emotion and if it's done well, you can squeeze that many more sales out of your portfolio.Mood and emotion have fundamental building blocks which can be categorized as (1) Conceptual, (2)... continue reading

Everybody loves to take pictures of cats

Cats are very nice subject for picture. When you see a small kitten, with a head coming under the blanket, it's not possible not to like it. If you search for a cat picture, Dreamstime will give you 7880 pages (!).As a subject, they are not so demanding as long as you are ready to catch them in the right moment. There are most probably "one billion" training movies on Youtube on how to make settings on camera for fast moving subjects, indoors and outdoors.... continue reading

Aim to shoot for International markets- Advice for stock footage

Hi everyone! I'm back and ready to inspire you that are just starting out as stock photographers!I'm going to give you advise about over saturated pictures and how to stop rejections in over saturated markets!You must do a lot!.......( and I mean a lot! ) of research!Just because you don't live in the Napa valley, or Europe, doesn't mean you can't shoot a design for that area! My advise is to get creative with designing your pictures to appeal to many markets, and... continue reading

How to Take Breathtaking Photos of Boring Stuff

Have you stopped at the most wonderful looking views, clicked it with your camera only to find it not even close to the real thing. Our eyes see differently than our camera and while you could snap a picture that looked good to the eyes in real, it may be dull in the photo. One has to get down to the level of the camera to take some really breath taking photos of stuff as boring as the kitchen sink.Framing the shot correctly is probably the most important thing you can improve upon. I would recommend... continue reading

A Used Camera Buyer's Guide: What to Look Out for when Shopping for Pre-Owned Cameras and Gear

While we might be eager to start with a professional camera and associated gear, our budget may not be so forthcoming on the subject. For those moments, it’s a very good idea to go and look for used gear and camera kit, especially the sweet deals where the equipment in question is sparingly used and in good shape. A lot of enthusiasts and consumers buy new camera and gear only to realise they don’t really use it much and are willing to part with their former passion for a fraction of original... continue reading

How to Effectively Pair Imagery with Your Message

It may sound easy but often designers find it quite a challenge to seamlessly integrate stock photos with their message. How do you choose the right photo and then integrate it with your message? It’s about asking some basic questions like how you are going to use the image? What kind of audience will be viewing it? What kind of message do you want to send? Do you want a horizontal or vertical orientation and many more.The concept part:The emotion behind the subject: It’s very important to capture... continue reading

How to make your images assignment worthy

The monthly assignment is like the elusive unicorn that everyone wants to catch. Once a month it comes out to play and everyone has a shot at catching it, all you need to do is upload a really excellent image and win the votes of the viewers.Sounds pretty simple but it turns out it’s not and more submissions end up being refused than approved, sometimes for simple, easy to fix reasons, other times for problems that can’t be fixed.If you ever wanted to pick an editor’s brain, here is your chance,... continue reading

New blog contest: How to Convey Emotion Through Photography

One of the greatest powers of photography is to make people react through laugh, cry, tension, anger, relief and even despair.A simple photograph can generate a plethora of feelings so we invite you to tell us what tool you use in order to make your images emotional: is it the light, the color, the setting, the subject, the focus?Emotional photography comes from all niches: street photography, food photography, portraiture, nature, photojournalism etc. Video tutorials are also welcome to take... continue reading

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