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11 tips for the new contributors to increase sales

I started to contribute to microstock photography agencies in 2013 (shortly after the birth of my elder son). The hobby of stay-at-home mum has turned into my main job ( except taking care of my family of course :-)). Based on my 4 years experience I made a simple list of a few tips that could be useful to everybody who wants to start to make money from microstock. 1. Enjoy your job. If you want to build a new solid portfolio from a scratch you’re going to have a long road... continue reading

Let it Be

Enjoyed a night out with good friends in Santa Ynez, California to see The Fab Four, a Beatles tribute band! From the first LP's to the last they dressed up and sang their hearts out. Even "John Lennon" madeheartwarming comments about the world we live in today...singing; Imagine, so true...R.I.P. J.L.   continue reading

Just went Exclusive with Dreamstime!

I've been with Dreamstime since 2006 as a VERY inactive member.Uploaded a batch of files and haven't really added to it since... until recently.I am now going to be a very active member of Dreamstime and my goal is to be a top contributor!There are two things that brought me to this point;1. Continuous image sales without being a salesman.I normally do location portrait and conceptual photography with clients, which is fine, but dealing with people... continue reading

Starting a collection, looking for your help

Hey guys and girls,I would like to get my first public collection, and I'm looking for some of your pictures to add.The theme is Colourful Postcards.It comes down to pictures that could be used as a postcard and are very contrasting. Some examples below.Thanks for your help.Oh and feel free to critique any of my pictures, as I'm always willing to learn. continue reading

Featured contributer - wonderful surprise!

Logged on to DT as I do multiple times a day and completely gobsmacked to see one of my images on the Featured Contributer banner! Talk about made my day. I had always assumed this was just for the exclusive photographers so I'm over the moon. Have taken screen shots to preserve this happy ocassion.Sorry, embarrassed at how thrilled I am about this but just had to tell the DT world!!(I should add I had a crappy weekend, hence the excitment, so this has really perked me up again) continue reading

Trying something new

While most of my uploads here on Dreamstime have been people or product shots,I recently decided to try something quite out of my comfort zone. While there are a number of tributes to 9-11 on this site, I decided to see if I could take something very simple and make a concept shot to remember this terrible time in our history. I found a box of staples in my desk drawer and the light bulb went on! I also thought that perhaps I could try something a little different with the few lights that I have.... continue reading

New to DT and stock photography

Hi Everyone,I joined DT on 10/2009 as a buyer.A few months ago I entered some images as a contributerfor stock photos.I was acceptedand had my first sale a few days after. What a thrill!Now I have 75 images and 10 sales.Joining DT has greatly improved my photography skills as well.I am very excited to be among all of you continue reading

A Small Thanks to my Referrals

As per the title, this is a tribute to the members who registered through my referral link by choice, thank you all...... Georges is an exception, he had to use my link :PLadies first - Astrid:Bosko:Roberto:& my own Georges: continue reading

Priority Review

Hi all!In the message boards I just found the following statement:"I submitted a photo with a red panda paw today under priority review."Is there anybody who can explain to me what a "priority review" is??Thanks! continue reading

Exclusive contributer

One of my first blogs I wrote was about my thoughts Not to become an exclusive contributer. But over the months I changed my mind. I thought about it a long time. Every now and then I looked at the exclusivity button on the management area and saw what my earnings could have been.Then I counted my earnings elsewhere and everytime I checked, I earned more on Dreamstime if I was an exclusive contributer.I also took in account the time I was spending uploading to the other sites. It does saves... continue reading

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