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Writing a Hot Article at Dreamstime (Tips and Last Trick!)

        Hello everyone!Today I want to share to every readers about writing an hot, popular or useful article tips. Yes, If you're a writer at Dreamstime (especially newbies), this tips might guide and help you.1. Select a Perfect TopicSelecting an perfect article topic maybe hard. You promote your photos at an article but usually your article is not interested to everybody. Select your article topic connected with your surroundings. An example, here! You're will writing... continue reading

A trick to gain a new model :-)

Anytime a friend asks me for a help, I say "YES, but you know, could you give me a favor ...? That way I have created several very cooperative models.For example this guy needed to borrow a drilling machine: And this one was very cold at a garden party, so I had offered him to share a blanket: However, the best models are, of course, children. Give them something to eat, and suddenly you have got a very willing coworker :-)  continue reading

A trick to photograph birds

This picture was taken in a zoo.the bird was in an aquarium and to photograph I used a polarizing filter that prevents the reflection of the glass. continue reading

A simple trick for Hummingbird Photography

Those among us who have been trying to get decent pictures of Hummingbirds in flight, know about the difficulties involved: some species exhibit a rather (relatively) slow flight between their stops in the air, allowing you to focus and shoot before they resume their move which for Hummingbirds can be vertically up, down or even back!There are some of the little species however whose movements are so hectic that it makes it really hard to focus and press the trigger in time. Besides, the camera... continue reading

Two Stock Tricks That Utilize Larger Megapixel Cameras

We amateurs struggle to find time to work on stock, especially when you can upload only a small number of images every month. Every rejection hurts. Trying to grow the portfolio a handful of images at a time is a daunting task for making any real progress.I am the proud owner of the new Nikon D800, a 36 megapixel behemoth, so of course, I have been out shooting with the camera. It's a huge leap having used a D100 for the past nine years.In working with these large files, I have discovered... continue reading

Some trick for noise rejection

Lately I took a set of pictures with night urban scenes. Such a subject requires relatively long exposures and ISO should be in most cases high enough. All this stimulates noise and so, normally night photos contain a good deal of noise artefacts. To supress noise I applied some techinque that I took from my astrophoto experience and now I would like to speak on this matter.1.So, for all my night shots I used tripod and took several shots from the same point and with all the same sets (typically... continue reading

Getting the most out of your gear - Noise

Photographic gear, of course ;)Maybe the professional doesn't need to worry that much about grain/noise. Modern and professional (expensive) cameras create noise free images on most situations ...But I do worry about it, I can't afford top quality hardware so I have to work with what I have. Especially for those others facing this kind of issue, I decided to share some tips and tricks.If you decide you absolutely need to reduce noise of a particular difficult image, go for it, Neat Image... continue reading

Objects without lightbox

Finally I found a perfect monitor - calibrating is *ߢ$&#! :) - , so let's see a more useful post (I hope). What about object photographing?All successful stock-photographers have two main themes - people and/or isolated objects. In my part I don't like to sell my family or unkownn people's faces, so object theme remains. I have no lightbox or professional flash (to tell the truth, I only have built-in flash and I rarely use it), but I'd like to take some "customer-friendly" photos (not only... continue reading

Illustrator Quick Tips

Do you know that by pressing Ctrl + H you can toggle show/hide selected path. This is useful to see your artwork without the selected paths obscuring your view, especially useful when coloring your objects.Do you know that by pressing Ctrl + U you can toggle on and off the smart guides feature. Smart guides are very useful if you want to move objects around and line it up against another object. But can be very annoying to have it on all the time. So Ctrl + U is a quick way to turn it on... continue reading

Trick or Treat

There is like almost a two weeks until Halloween. So, I've created"Trick or Treat tote bag" using my own Photoshop brushes.Photoshop brushes can be downloaded here and commercial usage is allowed just check commercial use of brushes info continue reading

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