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Turtle Mull: what the heck for?

There are some traditions and recipes limited to small geographic regions of the world. One that is still available here in the southeastern United States is mull. Mull is “basically a soupy stew with fine bits of slow-simmered chicken in a rich broth thickened with crushed saltine crackers.”A “mull” is not only soup, but the name for a southern communal gathering, as in “Chicken mull this Saturday at Faith Baptist Church”. Mull is cooked by the gallons and sold typically to raise money... continue reading

Awwww, Snap!!!

On my drive home from work last month I pulled a Common Snapping Turtle out of the roadway. Thankfully I got to him before a large truck smashed him into turtle pie! He spent the night in the back of my pickup truck and got a photo session the next day. Taking him to a shallow mud puddle, I laid on my belly and got some shots at that low perspective. The eye-to-eye level made him look much bigger than he was in person. Although not as big as some snappers, he was just as feisty and snappy as the big... continue reading

My story

Had been to Andaman and Nicobar islands recently. Clean air and clean beach are the main highlights of the place. Saw this tree stump on one of the beaches and was wondering how old this could be.  Visiting the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum was an afterthought and I am glad we made it (just a few hours before our flight took off from Port Blair) There were many items on display. But what caught my eye was the display of these Turtle shells with a story attached to it. It goes like this:... continue reading

Finally getting started

So the initial waiting is over. I am starting into the review process and am getting some photos approved.How exciting!! Now it's out to take some more photos. My first approved photo of a beautiful snapping turtle. continue reading

Invasive, but relaxed

The pet market has made many exotic species available to enthusiasticanimal lovers with different not-always-positive consequences for the concerned species and for our environment.In some occasions an excessive hunt of wild species has endangered their survival, in other cases the missing know-how in the maintenance and care of animals which have a high demand in their conditions for wellbeing has led to their death or in many cases to them being exposed in the wild.A good example for... continue reading

Of Tortoises, Turtles and Terrapins

Left:Red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)Let's start with this picture of a red-eared slider, not a red-footed tortoise, and in fact not a tortoise at all.It's a turtle.Left: Red-footed Tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaria)What's the difference?Simple:Tortoises are terrestrial, meaning that they spend all their time on land, whether in the desert, the jungle or rocky hillsides.Turtles are aquatic or semi-aquatic, meaning that they have to spend all or a large part of their time... continue reading

Yay milestones reached time to set new objectives ...

I finally reached my first 100 dollars in earnings !!! with 2 level 2 images and 164 pictures on-line !!as I like to set myself reachable but yet renewable objectives, my future objectives are:200$ benefits200 pix online2 level 3 imagesWhat do you think ?and btw... I'm getting a 5D today yaaaay continue reading

Turtle and tortoise collection

Hi, Friends.Welcome to see my new turtles and tortoises collection. They are cute animals ;) continue reading

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