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Successful or not?

I often try to improve myself and upload more and more to make a living out of this business but...we all know that,sometimes we lack:inspiration,time,mood etc..These articles are for those who wondering why there are not successful in this business(including me)and maybe will help to do better in this businessstrugglereasonshelp continue reading

Great tutorials for Inkscape users

Plenty of you will be advanced in Inkscape but some who are still learning, like myself, will hopefully find these tutorials helpful.Be warned, most are videos so you need quite a lot of bandwidth.As my bandwidth has increased substantially for the next year I've been able to go through Video tutorials and have learned so much.So I wanted to share what I had found., the lady in the videos, is very thorough with her instructions.... continue reading

The Miz's tutorials

A while ago we had a contributor The Miz.He was very helpful to many of us by providing "cheerful" criticism with a tad of a bite.He also took the time to create many tutorials to address an assortment of processes one would do within Photoshop.Arenacreative has hosted these tutorials here:The MIZ TutorialsTake a look and maybe there was something you missed or forgot about! continue reading

BIG in microSTOCK tips and tutorials

Hello AllI'm very proud to announce the launch of my brand new website. It is still in development but already contains quite some interesting articles. Topics go from basic over advanced microstock to photography and a whole lot more. Learn how to sell successfully images online. Check it out : Tips on selling images at BIG in microSTOCKHave fun,Dirk continue reading

vector silhouettes tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I will discover the secret "how to make vector silhouettes". Let's start:1.Open your image on photoshop.2. With quick mask or other toolselect the object or silhouette.3. Create new layer without diselect the object and fill it with black colore.4. Delete all the others layer .5. Save the layer with silhuettes in .png format.6. Open this document in Illustrator7. Live Trace it and expand the aparence.And now you can add any background you want .That's it.... continue reading

Photoshop User - Image of the week

Hello Fellow Dreamtimers,I am writing for the first time for 2 reasons.First, if you have never heard of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) you should check them out at www.photoshopuser.comFor $99 per year as a membership fee you get 6 mags yearly, 24/7 free Photoshop help, discounts on Hardware, software, and the ability to interact with great photogs and artists from around the world.The free 24/7 help and tutorials are worth the membership fee itself, and I... continue reading

Free Retouching Video Tutorials

check out the youtube channel of Retouch Creative at Retouch Creative youtube channel .There are free videos about retouching in Photoshop at the youtube channel and at the website advanced videos about retouching and photography post productionuseful knowledge about advanced retouching in using photoshop continue reading

The Beginners Guide to Food Photograph

The second in the beginners guide series has arrived. 260 pages of Images,Diagrams, recipes and Lighting setups. We have Also bundled the 2 books together at a reduced Price.Please go to for ordering information and Thanks so much for making the first Book a Huge success. continue reading

Tips & Tricks to create Panorama Images

Panoramas are becoming easier to accomplish these days thanks to Adobe photoshop. This software easily allows digital photographers to stitch together separate photos taken in succession. I developed this interest during one of the Adobe Max session in Barcelona, Spain. (Jason Levine, Greg Rewis & Rufus Deuchler). The photoshop part I learned from these three men and Photgraphy tips by Kevin Moss, due credits to all the above lecturer.Steps for shooting panoramic scenes1. Select a scene that... continue reading

My Photography Blog

Hey im blogging about my blog...I recently started a blog as an extension to my website goal with this blog is to share tips, tricks and tutorials about photography, Photoshop and getting into stock photography.Check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions.Thanks! continue reading

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