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Promoting Others, Not Just Yourself

I was raised to love my neighbor as myself. I think of my fellow photographers on Dreamstime here as my neighbors. One of the ways I try to show love to my neighbors here on Dreamstime is to help promote their pictures. I have a Twitter account that is set up just for my business. Twitter can be fun because it's kind of neat to see what is trending on any given day. Then I do a search on my portfolio to see if I have a picture that might go with what is trending. If I do, then I will post that... continue reading

Twitter: Tips, Tricks for Photo Clicks

I have to admit, I never understood Twitter.I'm not sure I still do.I understand why people tweet but until I started at Dreamstime, I never found a purpose for Twitter myself.Plus, it's only fun if you are the type with a lot of snarky one-liners.A friend of mine, an artist, decided to use Twitter as a platform to advertise her artwork.I decided to do the same with my microstock photos.Lately, it's been resulting in a slight rise in sales and I like to think it's in part because of Twitter.... continue reading

3 tips for good tweeting

On one of my previous articles, I explained to you how my first sale came from tweeting Formula E driver Bruno Senna editorial image. What I didn't explain to you at that time was why that tweet was effective and what I missed on that tweet which may have done it even MORE effective.To make it easier for you (and most important, for me), let's work with an example. This is Formula E driver Felix Da Costa from Amlin Aguri team, racing in the Buenos Aires eprix last January. What I did when... continue reading

How my first sale happened

It was January 2015. I had joined Dreamstime just a few months before that: October 2014. By then, I had just uploaded the pictures I had taken since I bought my DSLR and found that had just about 66% survived the review process. I found myself wondering: where can I get more subjects? What else could I photograph that would be worth uploading to DT?I found out that tweeting mi images increased the number of views. I knew that this most likely WON'T mean that anyone would buy an image. But I thought... continue reading

Microstock doesn't work!

I bet a coffee You thought this post is a criticism about microstock and/or dreamstime!Absolutely not! This is a suggestion to promote Your portfolio.I discovered some weeks ago the hashtags and I started to use them immediately with some interesting result but I discovered that not all hashtags are useful. for example, MICROSTOCK, DREAMSTIME and PORTFOLIO are useless tags. They are too specific words so they attract few people. I suggest to use them few times.Interesting thing I noticed... continue reading

Autoposting tool

Hi everyone,I just found out that DT has implemented an Autoposting-tool for Facebook and Twitter :-)(I'm wondering if I am very late with this?)You can find it right beside your account-name, click on the Referal-button on the left side from "My profile".I just would like to share :-) continue reading

Automated twitter- and facebook-functionality

Hello folks,what do you think of an automated twitter- and/or facebook-service?Wouldn't it be nice, if DT automatically would post new sales/uploads/blogs on these channels instead of everybody doing it by hand?I would be glad, if you could share your opinion about this issue!Best wishes! continue reading

Follow Me!!!

If you have an account on Twitter and like to tweet sometimes please follow me!I like to follow you and your tweets :))There are many DT friends out there on Twitter and it´s a pity that we do not connect with each other – just follow me if you like! Thanks! And see you there... on Twitter!FOLLOW ME on TWITTER >>> mariaam_design continue reading

Using Twitter with Dreamstime

I have recently been making use of Twitter a lot more recently as it proves to be a great promotion tool for any DT contributor. Dreamstime also makes it easy for you to tweet your latest images as well as retweeting promotions for free credits for new users.If used correctly, you can develop a nice little following of people interested in your images. Niche accounts also do well, so if you just upload a certain kind of image on DT, you could gear your Twitter account to your uploads.I have... continue reading

+11,000 views for an image in a single day

Here's a short but true story of how online socializing can work to your advantage financially speaking. Fame is only a few clicks away.A regular Dreamstime image got to be virally famous, when filmmaker, actor and recently author, Albert Brooks tweeted yesterday:Here it is baby. Delete this DM the second you get it. I don't want anyone else to know's perhaps a simple joke but one that got retweeted by hundreds of people (Albert currently has more... continue reading

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