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Similar images - how to upload and how much is too much

Very often, good images are refused based on similarity issues. Contributors submit technically perfect(and usually sellable) images and get frustrated when they are refused.Imagine a boy laughing photographed. One image should be enough, not ten of them. No matter if the photographer moved 2 meters to the left, the concept is still the same.Similar images in Dreamstime's acceptance represent the content that fits a single concept, has small variations in composition OR model expression.... continue reading

To upload or not to upload, that is the question

I am an amateur photographer, exclusive on Dreamstime, this is my second year. I have about 250 photos uploaded on the site. I had my share of rejections and acceptances. By now I kind of know upfront which images will be accepted easily and which have a lower probability of getting accepted. Currently my approval ratio is 43%.It is easy to play it safe and upload only the images that I know will go through. But those are the images I personally like the least. Unfortunately most of my “creative... continue reading

Setting goals

I think it is a given that setting goals is a good idea and helps to achieve success.By setting intermediate goals you keep yourself going in the short term, while building towards the long terms goals as well.I'm happy to report that setting my own uploading goals has kept me going - and expanding my portfolio.With 1 sale short of 2000 sales and house renovations ahead of me I've set myself a goal of getting 50 shots online out of my renos.I'm off to a good start!On a side note... continue reading

Successful upload 25pcs photo

Below photo is the 25th that i successful upload in dreamstime... still have 25pcs more, I will have a chance to become photographer in here ... continue reading

Ten Plus Up!

Hi All,I have eleven images up! One was rejected because of a typo, resubmitted and it was accepted. Spelling in crucial in the descriptions if you want your images accepted. continue reading

seven up yipeio!

888337I started many years ago with a couple of images, and gave up. Checked back recently and one image had generated earnings. I have resumed submitting images with a new goal of trying to get +++$100.00 in sales. Then the next goal will be to try and get that every month. The only problem is because of high refusals, I can only upload a couple of images now, so the odds of just getting a few approved has dropped. I hope that the limitation on uploads is not permanent, and that if I can get... continue reading

150 images. It only the beginning!

This is my 150-th upload picture. I like this number!Two themes have asked to unite me: summer and repair. And i was an idea. In the summer all blossoms and shines bright paints - so why really not to draw flowers-paints? I hope that the idea will be pleasant! continue reading

200 images online!

Yey! It's been so much fun that I can't believe that I've uploaded 200 images already. My sales are also getting better and I hope they will in the future too.Thank you, Dreamstime!Here's tree of my latests uploads, some beautiful lanscapes from my country, Romania continue reading

Where are the Views at?

I've made my biggest push for uploads in the last couple of weeks by adding 27 new pictures of the desert in the southwest part of the USA, and it's all been for naught.Not a single one of them has had a view to this point, let alone download.That's unlike my experience with Dreamstime before.I think they are keyworded fairly well and useful.Hopefully it all changes soon. continue reading

How do you encourage your referals to upload more?

I have my own blog about microstock business with some referal links. People that are new at microstock will soon forget to upload photos, if they dont get any downloads. You know all that with first sales comes great encouragement to upload more. What i do personaly- i download my own referals best images, to encourage them. It works. Try it. continue reading

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