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100 photos on line

My first 100 photos are online on DT. Sales are not so high but my aim is to improve and to increase sales!My first uploaded photo wasand my 100 photo is now continue reading

Advice for Motivation

I admit I have been in a bit of a photography slump lately waiting on the beauties of spring to appear after a treacherously cold hard long winter.I happened to be reading a website about stock photography and read the best advice for me at the time:SHOOT AS MANY THINGS AS YOU CAN AND UPLOAD AS MANY PHOTOS PER WEEK AS POSSIBLEThis proved to be the motivation I needed to do just that so I decided to pass it on to everyone here.Since then I have had a few images reviewed and most accepted!... continue reading

Small victory!

Fairly new member here and finally got 20+ images approved.This meant there was page 2 to my uploads! - This got me excited a little considering its considering I've only concentrated on Photography recently! Small victory nevertheless! continue reading

1000 sales milestone

I grab this opportunity to write a little blog to celebrate three years at dreamstimes with active participations and four milestones achieved :- 3 years at Dreamstime with constant uploads.- 1100 sales.- 1000 picture accepted.- $2000 earnings.Due to the novice errors at the beginning, my AR is still low overall but the current AR is above 88%. This windmill is the last accepted picture of my windmill series.Wish a great sale for everyone and break all the milestones !!! continue reading

Hello! Dreamstime!

I came to the Dreamstime has a month, during which I uploaded and passed the 78 photos, and with the first sale, I'm glad (although the first sales turned out to be this one surprised me) I constantly upload, thinking adjustment method, looking forward to the second sale! Please feel free to give me some advice, thank you!These days because of fog and haze is very serious, the government also issued an orange alert (if that was a shooting advantage of the content on the ah? Joke :)), had little... continue reading

The first video upload-Night city road

The first time I saw on the website that you can upload a video, it is very happy, also want to upload your own videos. For the first time, through a variety of efforts to understand and the result was not able to successfully uploaded. After some time, want to upload. Began to understand the relevant knowledge, began to transform my video. Also spent a great effort, before seeing one, uploaded successfully. So he waits for an audit by the day. Two weeks later, finally passed. Still very happy. Now,... continue reading

60 files on-line

Yet there's much to do"smiling" sesame buns continue reading

Video section on Dreamstime is ONLINE!

This is a very good news for video... sorry! photographers... :) WHY?!As Israel 'Izzy' Hyman said in an article, "Over the past couple years, I have noticed that there is a group of people who are getting into video in a big way right now. Who are they? Photographers!It only makes sense for a few reasons:- Photographers are interested in capturing imagery.- Their gear frequently has video capabilities too (such as the Canon 5D Mark II).- They might have clients asking for... continue reading

If I were an editor...

Uploading photos, we have to remember that we do it for somebody. Cause any stock is like a great market where you sell and someone can buy images. So your idea should be clear to anybody - in Africa, Aisia, elswhere.So when uploading photos I imagine an editor of a magazine who needs some pictures. And having in mind that imaginary editor, I ask myself "If I had to pick pictures on some topic, what would be interesting for me?" continue reading

Be not afraid

Uploading this image I was practically sure that it would be rejected - ISO was rather high, depth of field - rather small...But now it's online! Really cool. continue reading

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